The first time he fucked his mother was practice. He hadn't planned to keep doing it. It wasn't as if he'd had a sick penchant for this act of incest-he wasn't "getting off" on it in his mind. No, that wasn't it at all. Dave had a girlfriend, for fucks sake! Caroline was one of the prettiest girls at Springfield High. All the other guys agreed her rack was nice and she'd be a mighty fine lay. She was a blonde goddess, every sophomore male's wet dream.

He'd first met her in the boy's lockeroom on his way to football practice. She'd emerged from the showers with telltale damp spots at the bottom of her skirt that she'd been kneeling on the wet tiles. He'd been late again. He heard her swearing as she discovered the obvious dark marks and thought he was in the wrong room, running back to the door and double-checking the sign.

'BOYS', sure enough. He reentered to find her reapplying lipstick in the 2- way mirror adjacent to the aisles of the locker rows and benches. He knew it was 2way because on the other side was the Coaches office and he'd been in there even though the room is usually locked and off limits to the students. Because of this, Dave tried to be late for practice always. The thought of Coach beating off while those young guys stripped unaware was disturbing.

"This is the Guys." he informed Caroline, as if she had no clue. She had laughed her beautiful goddess laugh and called him silly. The rest was history.

Well, not exactly. She'd been in there with Vinny, her then-boyfriend. They'd been going steady for a while, but he broke up with her after rumors started to fly about his inability to perform with his abnormally tiny pecker.

This wasn't true. Caroline had devised the rumor with her trusted confidant cronies-a short ruddy faced Ginny, the tall bitchy Victoria and the mean queen Jessica. The truth was, Vinny had nearly ruined Caroline's Celestial reputation by bragging about their sex life and exposing Caroline's less-than-good-girl moments to the public. How dare he make her seem like a slut! She'd chosen Dave to date because she knew no one would believe him if he bragged-not that he would. Dave was nowhere near as popular as Caroline.

Dave was generally a low-key guy. He went to school, went to practice and came home. He was a normal 't he?

Dave was living 3 lives. In the first, he wanted to play college football, settle down with a wife and have a few kids in a nice suburban lifestyle. His other life involved having a good time. Fast cars, fast food, fast woman. Though, the only fast cars he saw were in movies he watched at the local theatre or in the magazines he subscribed to and models he builds. Also, there were no women in Dave's life outside of the teachers at school, his mother and Caroline. To top it off, Dave didn't care much for the food at Speedy Burger. A regular PeanutButter&Jelly sandwich did him right fine. Dave's third life was a different story. He was a perfectionist, to a point that would baffle specialist-had Dave been so careless as to expose his flaw. But that was impossible, since his flaw was perfectly hidden.

It all started when Caroline began paying attention to Dave. He'd always noticed her. She had been in his daydreams for a while. He'd look at her yearbook picture while he touched his penis and imagine she was in the bathroom with him. He'd close his eyes and pretend his calloused hand was hers, slender and warm with silky fingers caressing and gripping his manhood.

When she'd choose him as her new boyfriend, he didn't have a clue about what he'd do. He'd never had a real girlfriend before, but he'd heard things about what guys do and he wasn't really sure how to go about or perform any of it. Naturally, he asked a female for advice and since his mother was the first woman he thought of, he asked her. As her only son, she took his education seriously and in her own hands. As far as she was concerned, his sexual education would be no different and when he had questions, she happily showed him the answers.

When Dave was a little boy, he'd occasionally get erections. His mother explained to him that as a boy, this would happen often in life. As he was going through puberty, they'd grow extremely painful. He hadn't yet discovered masturbation. He complained to his mother who matter-of-factly instructed him on how to relieve himself. A few weeks later, she walked in on Dave molesting himself in his bedroom. Instead of turning away or screaming at him, his mother came over and studied his technique.

"David, honey. You're doing it wrong. Give it here, I'll show you".

When Dave began seeing Caroline, he knew she'd eventually want to do more than hold hands. One night, after she'd asked why he never kissed her, Dave needed his mother. He waited for her to return home from her shift waitressing, then popped the question to his mother who was oddly calm and collected considering the value of shock her son just inflicted requesting his own mother teach and demonstrate on him the proper methods of French kissing. Dave was almost certain he saw a light go off in his mother's eyes, and sure enough she was suppressing excitement. She put the lesson off till after dinner.