We were at the beach yesterday. Before the whole "farewell barbeque" thing started, we took a walk. Five of us – Wen Ping, Ivan, Hui Wen, Wai Yi and me. There was this stray dog wandering around. Came to sniff near the food that we had, but was led away by Wen Ping and Wai Yi.

There was this girl, sitting alone on the sand, just watching the waves. Her hair was short and mussed up from being blown around by the breeze. She was wearing a yellow baby-tee and faded blue jeans. It was picturesque. Idyllic. The dog came and sat next to her, and started sniffing and licking at her. She got up. Wen Ping and Wai Yi tried to distract the dog again. She smiled at us as we passed and sat down again, now typing into her mobile phone. Probably telling a friend what happened.

We walked on, talking. Watched the dog try to mate with some bitch. The bitch chased him. Two other bigger sized dogs chased him away. Wai Yi was very excited over the "movie". Didn't want to leave the scene. On the way back, Ivan was joking about getting the girl to join us 'because she looked lonely.' I could see her in the distance, watching the sea. Typing into her mobile.

And I thought, I wouldn't mind doing that. It was peaceful. Calming. I wouldn't sit on the sand though. I have a certain hatred for sand. I'd probably get a mat, or a beach chair, and sit watching the waves, a pen and notepad in hand. Unless someone gives me a PDA. I wish. I remember a certain guy sitting on the wall of the Christian Convention Centre, looking at the beach and writing. My friend said he was writing (or trying to write) love poems for his crush.

Maybe I'll do that sometime. Take time off and stare at nature, and start writing. I haven't looked at nature in ages. Or maybe just sit and stare and think, all alone. Some reflection might do me good. It's been a while since I've been thinking.

Whatever it is, the solitude will be comforting.