!Disclaimer: There may be adult material in these stories, so those whom are offended may either skip it or not read my story. Though I hope you simply skip the material.!
(At any time during these stories, any sentence that begins and ends with :: is someone thinking)

The year is 1238, in the time that many call the Mediaeval Ages. In recent years, magick has become more accepted due to the rise of an emperor mage and the creation of the Mages Council. The Council divided all magick into four categories: Sorcery, Spellcraft, Divine, and Telekinesis. Sorcery is the oldest and most powerful of the magicks. Sorcery is very powerful, but requires the caster's own energy to use. Sorcerers and sorceresses have become very valuable due to their rarity. Spellcraft is the newest of the magicks as well as the most common. Spellcrafters attain magick through years of study and scroll writing. All Spellcrafters cast spells from scrolls not with their own energy, unlike sorcerers and sorceresses. Divine is actually two types of magick: Holy and Natural. Holy magick is used by priests and is usually used for healing and has very little offensive power. Natural magick involves plant-control, animal- control, and healing. Telekinesis, mind-magick, is the most dangerous and the most feared. Telekinesis, due to its mental nature, often causes mental diseases, and multiple personalities are the most common. Telekinesis has the best of all types of magick: It uses the casters energy, but not as much as Sorcery, mind-control (not just plants and animals) and healing . . .

Kyrana woke at sunrise on Sun's Day morning. She sat up and looked around at her home. She scraped a meager existence living underneath the bridge about half a kilometre from her village. She had been exiled over two years ago because she was a Telekist and developed a second personality, Acedia he called himself. He did what she would tell him to, but he was very cruel and sadistic and often took her orders literally or to an extreme.

"Happy birthday, Mistress. How old are you as of today?" asked Acedia in cruel, condescending tone.

"Thank you, at least you remembered, I'm 17," replied Kyrana drowsily.

"I've a gift for you, but it awaits us in the village." He told her after she had stretched a little.

"It isn't another sacrifice, is it?" she asked apprehensively, remembering last year, he'd sacrificed a cat and the hand of one of the village elders.

"Of course not, Mistress, there isn't any fun in giving the same gift twice now is there, and besides, it's infernally rude." He replied in mock annoyance.

"Ummm . . . I suppose . . . " came her uncertain reply.

"You sound as though you could use a cool, refreshing dip in the river," He ventured, "Shall I teleport us there?"

"No, no," she replied quickly, "It's only a few metres, I can walk."

He could have access to her energy if she opened it to him, but she didn't want to become dependant on her power, so she walked. Besides, if she let him teleport her, he would drop her right in the water with no warning, and the water, being enchanted, was always clean, clear, and cold. She plodded drowsily over to the edge, undressed, and then began her slow descent in to the icy water.

"Brrrr . . . quite cold, my Mistress, I can feel it. Though . . . your chest says enough."

Even though there was no one around, she blushed. He'd been with her for almost three years, but she still hadn't gotten used to his dirty remarks. She washed through many dirty remarks and requests, but did not pay any attention to them. When she finished, she dried off in a towel the she stole from town, and then dressed in red underclothes and a crimson over-robe.

"Very sexy, my Mistress, though you would look better without the robe on."

She didn't reply to the remark, but simply put on her sandals and proceeded to the village. When she arrived in town, she was not greeted warmly. Several market-stand owners closed their shops and many people fled, others cleared a path, while the rest continued as normal after drawing the sign of their deity on their foreheads, for protection. Most of the people in town knew her...and Acedia, those that didn't know where told quickly enough.

Then Acedia called out in his own voice, "My Mistress hungers, bring food . . . NOW!"

At that, many of those that recognized the voice shuffled off to do what he said.

"You don't have to scare them like that-"

"Yes I do. If I don't they might think they can overcome you. I CAN NOT allow that to happen."

"Yes, but If they fear us, they might try to get rid of us, and I really do not want to have to hurt them-" she began, but was interrupted by an all-too-familiar voice . . .

"Kyrana . . . Acedia . . . I order you to leave this village, at once."

But before Kyrana could reply, Acedia cut in, "My Mistress will do whatever the hell she pleases, Kristan, and you can't do a damn thing about it."

: :Acedia, that's not smart, Kristan is the strongest Sorcerer in over ten kilometres. I do not know if I can beat him in a duel,: : said Kyrana. Kristan was in the same age group as Kyrana and, based on how much he practices his magic, was practically dependant on it and very powerful.

"Like hell, I can't. Fine then, I call a duel, my magic 'gainst yours." Kristan called to them, confidently.

"I suppose I don' gotta choice, lets-" Kyrana began, but was cut off by Kristan sending his first spell at her, a green ray.

She retaliated by firing her own ray at his. They collided in mid- air, and disintegrated everything in a five-foot radius, including the ground. She focused some energy, straightened out her hand, faced her palm to Kristan, and fired a sphere of a deep blue color. Kristan barely got out of the way in time. The orb hit the wall behind him and it froze over and shattered. He raised his arm and appeared to throw something at her. One small red ball about the size of a marble, then it divided in two, four, eight, 16...16 small marble-sized red orbs. Nine of them missed her, two hit her left leg, charring it, and three hit the ground in front of her and exploded, knocking her over.

"Mistress! Why you jack-ass" screamed Acedia and retaliated by pointing the index and middle finger at used what little power he had of his own to fire a much larger green ray at Kristan. It hit the building behind him and the whole thing, as well as the people in it and everyone next to it, disintegrated. Kristan was furious.

"Let's take this away from the vill-" he began.

"NO, YOU CHALLENGED US HERE, SO WE FIGHT HERE," yelled Acedia, causing the few remaining spectators to flee.

That made Kristan even angrier, " O," he screamed as he sent a blue beam from his index finger at Kyrana. It hit her squarely in the chest. Suddenly she and Kristan were in the forest. "Now I can fight unhindered."

"Oh great!" grumbled Kyrana.

"Excellent, take a bite of THIS," said Acedia loudly, sending a ray of red lightning from his hand that hit every tree on the way to Kristan, completely frying them to ashes. Kristan protected himself with an orange shield. When the lightning hit it, they both burned out violently.

"While I care about the villagers, I don't give a shit about this stupid wood," Kristan said in the same tone as Acedia. He then flung both hands into the air. There was a bright flash of light as a green shield covered him and the marble sized orbs began falling from the sky, as numerous as rain. It was all Kyrana could do to stop the slaughtering of the trees to fire two green disintegrating rays at Kristan while he was off guard. The first hit his shield and destroyed it, the second hit him and then he was gone . . .

After Kristan's spell had finished, the forest looked more like a desert. Kyrana fell to her knees, almost completely depleted of her energy and looked around herself, and began to cry.

"What is the matter, Mistress?" asked Acedia.

"Look at what happened to the beautiful forest . . . " she sobbed.

"HAHAHAHAHA . . . you don't even care one bit about that dolt, Kristan, do you?" he said, continuing to laugh.

"No, he was an ass. I suppose he deserved what he got. Umbrius wouldn't have let me do it if he hadn't." she said continuing to sob.

"Umbrius? Oh yeah, the name of your god, right?"

"Yes, but he wasn't Kristan's deity, so he couldn't stop him from desecrating the forest . . . " she couldn't go on, she put her face to her palms and wept.

"I am sorry, Mistress," he said, truly sorry, "Just plant some seeds and . . . help them along?"

"Not right now, I don't have enough energy."

"Then, perhaps, we should rest," he said, returning to his cruel, condescending voice, "perhaps in town. That way they all will know that we are superior."

: :Whatever, : : thought Kyrana, : :I think I can teleport.: :

: :Excellent . . . : :

When they appeared in town, nearly everyone went to hide. Acedia was quite pleased that his Mistress was getting this reaction, it meant that everyone knew that she'd beaten the villages most powerful spell caster. "Now, lets find a good inn . . . "