. . .Kyrana was running, running through the forest, running from an unknown danger. She was being chased, she could feel the monsters hot breath at her back as she ran. Suddenly it got her, she could feel its teeth sinking into her back . . .

"AHHHHHHH," Kyrana screamed, sitting bolt-upright, having just awoken from a nightmare.

"Have another nightmare, Mistress? You know, nightmares come from a guilty conscience. Now why are we feeling guilty about, hmmm?" asked Acedia in the tone used for children.

"I-I'm not sure," she confessed.

"Hm, well, anyway, have you been sensing what I have? I think that we are being followed."

"Yeah, and I know who it is, too. Its that Telekist kid from the tower."

"Shall we . . . expose him?"

"Just wait Acedia."

It wasn't long before the kid was just outside Kyrana's camp. They could sense him and knew exactly where he was.

"Come on out kid, we already know you're there," said Kyrana.

He stepped out from behind the tree, "How did you know we were here?" Kyrana could hear a double voice, which meant that he had another personality and they both spoke at the same time.

"We are quite experienced and we know how to sense if someone is there and how to cloak ourselves," answered Acedia, startling the kid.

Then Kyrana spoke up, "Why'd'ja leave the village? We KNOW that you haven't been kicked out."

The kid looked startled, he was just about to say that, "Well . . . I- we-talked to Lord Girges. He told us that you could help."

"Just like that old geezer," muttered Acedia.

Both of the kid's voices spoke up, "Do NOT talk bad about Lord Girges in our presence."

Kyrana looked at them and they paled at what happened next, "YOU ARE NOT IN A POSITION TO BE TELLING MY MISTRESS WHAT TO DO!" screamed Acedia, using their energy to create a fiery aura around her and cause fire to spout out of her eyes.

The kid backed up against a tree, scared to death. Kyrana dismissed the effects and walked over to him.

"What are your names?"



"Who is the one in charge and who was the first?"

"I'm in charge, me Krux, but Herjex was first. What about you?"

"My name is Kyrana, I'm the dominant one and the first. Acedia is my other one. He seems to enjoy-" but she was interrupted by Acedia.

"In short, I am her bitch. Sorry, Mistress."

"Forget it, Acedia. Apology accepted." Then she turned to Krux/Herjex, "The only thing I can tell you it to spend a lot of time focusing your energy and to practice often. Be careful that you don't both speak while in public, it could get you killed or worse, believe me."

Then Acedia spoke up, "Now get lost, kid-" but Kyrana interceded, "Please, return to your village, if you need to speak to us, ask Girges."

They looked disappointed, but left none-the-less. Kyrana and Acedia were long ago hardened from emotion, except when it came to Blizzard . . .

"You were pretty mean to that kid, Mistress, not like me, but still."

"Yeah, well, I don't like kids."

"Apparently. Anyway, Mistress, back to your dream, what do you think that it means?"

"It probably means that we should search harder for Gorgorroth."

"Hmm, good idea, but I think that we will need full power to find him. Lets teleport to Girges' castle, maybe Blizz' can help us . . . relax . . ." he trailed off, and Kyrana got the hint.

"By Umbrius, you're dirty, but that does sound good. We've been searching for weeks and found nothing. I'll just take the kid back with us."

She oriented on them, teleported, offered a ride, and then teleported to the castle.

Girges was there when they arrived, "Welcome back Kyrana, Acedia, Herjex, and Krux. Kyrana, Acedia, Blizzard awaits you in your lunching clearing, Krux, Herjex, please follow me."

Kyrana, once again, teleported, and it was becoming tiring. But when they arrived, Blizzard was there, looking pleased to see them.

"Hi, I've missed you guys," but knowing that Acedia was about to speak up, shi amended, "Guy and girl."

"That's better, fluffy, my Mistress in NOT a guy."

"Acedia, down boy. We've missed you, too."

"Well, I've brought lunch, Lord Girges had this basket enchanted, the food will be fresh when I get it out." Shi reached for the basket, avoiding Kyrana's gaze.

Kyrana, worried, took a tentative peek into hir mind, : : . . .am I gonna do? I think I'm in love with her. Shade and Mike told me to just go with it, but what if she don't share my feelings . . . : :

Kyrana stepped closer to hir, moved the basket, and she spoke, "We do share your feelings."

Blizzard looked confused for a moment, then smiled warmly, "Thank you." . . .

Hours later, Kyrana and Blizzard were resting in each others arms, both fast asleep. Then Blizzard awoke to a twinge of pain in hir mind. Shi jumped up, causing Kyrana to awake roughly.

"Wassa matter, Blizz'" she asked as she tried to wake more.

"Something's wrong in the village. Kyr, can you teleport us there?"

"Of course she can, your . . . help has fully restored us," answered Acedia slowly, as if Blizzard were stupid.

Kyrana touched Blizzard's shoulder and warped them to the village.

They both couldn't believe their eyes, several houses were burning and the guards and many villagers were trying to fight, what looked like spirits.

Kyrana sent a wave of energy at some of them, they evaporated on the spot, wailing in pain. She blasted a few more, then spotted Michael, doing his best to blast the spirits and guard a bloodied Shadewalker, but he wasn't trained in combat-magicks and he was tiring quickly.

Kyrana blasted several more spirits then approached Michael, handing him a potion, "Here drink this . . . now tell us what happened."

"Some necromancer came into town and began slaughtering the villagers with his skeletons and zombies, making more from the dead. Then he opened a small bottle just a few minutes ago. That's where the spirits came from. Damn, what d'ya got in here?"

"I don't know, Acedia made it for me. Wait, where's Girges?"

"He's fending off spirits as best he can, but he's old. I don't know how long he can hold out."

At that, Kyrana headed towards the castle, blasting un-dead at every turn. She soon reached the castle door, and Gorgorroth was there, trying to blast down the door, but failing at it due to a powerful enchantment. Just hen he spotted her, and he aimed a black beam at her. It missed her, but she heard a sizzle and a thud behind her. She turned around to see Blizzard on the ground, hir body smoking.

This evoked a feral rage in Kyrana, and she let out a blood-curdling battle scream, her eyes bloodshot. Her energy lifted her off the ground and all of the un-dead nearby disintegrated.

She turned her sights on Gorgorroth and screamed, "I will kill you for this, you BASTARD! ! !"

She sent a bolt of purple energy at him. He retaliated with a black one. They collided in mid-air, creating a HUGE explosion, one big enough to knock Kyrana and Gorgorroth down and shake up the entire village.

When she looked back at him, he was laughing, "HAHAHAHAHA, when we fought last time, I was weary from building my army, but now I'm nearly full strength. You can't touch me," he taunted.

Her rage built even higher, she went flying at him, surprising him. When she got close enough she grabbed him tightly, "I WILL kill you for what you have done." Then she let her energy explode, destroying everything in a forty-foot radius, including the door.

She got up, having burned away all of her power, she wouldn't have anymore, at least not for a long, very long, time. She climbed out of the 80-foot wide crater that she had made and went straight to Blizzard, who was just inches away from the edge.

Kyrana wept as she pulled out the last bottle of restorative and poured it down Blizzard's throat.

Blizzard regained consciousness, but was still greatly damaged. Kyrana helped hir up and they began walking around the crater, trying to get into the castle.

But, just as they reached the desecrated door, Kyrana's worst fear came true. A black-robed skeleton floated out of the crater.

They could see an evil fire in the empty sockets and he spoke, though with extreme difficulty, "Ah . . . well . . . destry . . . yo . . ."

At that he disintegrated, leaving behind a large rip. The rip began sucking everything nearby into it. Kyrana and Blizzard knew that it wouldn't stop until it had them.

Just then, Michael and Shade came running up, as the rip sucked Kyrana and Blizzard in.

The last they saw of Michael and Shade was Michael holding back a screaming Shade, "NOOOO! BLIZZARD, . . . . . . . .


Kyr and Acedia will be continued in a new story called A Twisted Fate. In order to understand this new story, you must read A New Life. Which was written by my other personality, Kyr (yes, the main character WAS named after her). Warning, A New Life has adult material in it.