And we take.
We take it all away,
And it's wrong,
So very wrong they say,
But there's nothing left to do,
And even less to say.
So we take,
And we take,
Then we give it all away.

And I sell.
I sell hearts to break,
I sell souls,
Here have mine to take,
Cause my dreams are kamikaze,
I need something new to hate.
So I sell,
Yes I sell,
Least I get to watch them break.

And she falls.
She's falling whilst she cries,
C'mon, help her,
Fore she ups and dies,
Cause I'll never be a hero,
I tell far too many lies.
So she falls,
Baby falls,
And it's me she can't despise.

And he screams.
He screams until he's raw,
Don't touch him,
Cause honey that's my whore,
See I caught him in my spider web,
And he's not content with more.
So he screams,
How he screams,
Why he wants me, I'm not sure.

And it cracks.
It cracks and falls apart,
Then it burns,
We're the last ones left at last,
Let us drown on in our mutual need,
We break each other's hearts.
So it cracks,
Pretty cracks,
But I love them, that's a start.