Looking on you from afar causes more pain than should be necessary

To an already broken heart

Seducing concentration until our minds are lost within useless games of folly

The danger zone is rapidly approaching and the cliff is only a few feet away

When will we realize that to save ourselves we have to reach out a hand

And grab onto our falling love

Screaming out your name for all to hear but the wind is whistling past your ears

And making you deaf

I see your mouth moving but I don't know it its my name that you're calling

And as we start to fall I see that look in your eyes

That I've seen in mine for countless days

And I know that your heart belongs to me

And as we fall we reach out our hands and my fingers brush your own

You smile and my heart stops because I've seen that grin so many times

But then the rocks catch up to us and we're dead

We knew that passion was a double edged sword

But we didn't know it could cut like this