The sound of your voice,
Sets something off inside me.
I can't stand the way you talk,
Like no one is above you.
You're not the smartest person,
You can barely even drive.
Unfortunately I have your temper,
Which I hate so fucking bad.
I can't stand the way,
Your face turns red,
When you get ticked at me.
The way those veins explode,
Like a fucking sea.
Shoot me now,
Put me out of my misery.
I wish I could just,
Get up,
Get up and leave.
Leave you behind,
With nothing,
With no one,
All that you deserve.
You cause so much pain,
But cant take any yourself.
You shouldn't dish stuff out,
If you cant take it too.
Your heart is frozen cold,
Your temper flaming hot.
I wish I could just disappear,
Away from all this hate.
You fill my head with bad things,
You make me crazyyyyy
Fuck you,
Just fuck off,
Stay out of my fucking life!