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Chapter One - Infection Begins

She breathed stiffly in the darkness, and took a cold, shaky hand out of her long gray trench coat and flicked it through her white blonde hair, then took out a pair of sunglasses and placed them on. Giving a sigh and staying close to the cement wall facing her back, the girl began to inch her way into the open.

The alley was dark. Very dark. Pieces of trash were scattered anywhere; stepping on one would give away her position instantly. She almost stumbled over a trashcan, but managed to avoid it with the quick swipe of her leg.

To add to her frustration, it was cold, and snowing. As she exhaled, a white, puffy cloud escaped her mouth. Why, of all days, did she have to be out hunting? She cursed the weather, and mumbled under her breath before she continued her way out of the alley.

As she neared the streets, the lampposts revealed a few people, which was good. At least it wasn't crowded. It was a small town, after all, so it wasn't like she expected a throng of people walking about anyway at this late at night. She took a quick glance at a bus that drove by, splashing wet snow onto the sidewalk.

The girl smiled. It still hadn't detected her. She then decided to move out of the alley, and continue the hunt. I'll be ready this time, she thought as she dug her right hand deeper into her pocket.

The girl frowned as she saw the outline of trees ahead of her. She was beginning to approach the park. Where was the enemy? Had it given up? It was late, and she didn't feel like searching for it if she did. Heaving a sigh, she sat down on an old, rusty bench facing an icy pond. The girl then shifted her right hand in her pocket, pulled out a cigarette, and lighted it, careful not to startle her enemy.

Chief told me not to smoke, she thought to herself, feeling slightly guilty, Oh well. He doesn't have to know . . .

Suddenly, her thought was interrupted as the sound of wings could be heard fluttering behind her. She almost dropped her newly lit cigarette in shock, but was careful not to let her enemy know its presence was unexpected.

The girl stood up slowly from the bench, and turned around to face her opponent. "I've been looking for you," she said, "Trying to hide from me, eh? Well, you have nowhere to run now, demon."

It was a lower demon. It looked young, yet was the size of a Volkswagen. It was covered in black, scaly flesh, and had flashing red eyes. Wings that looked like they were made out of leather sprouted out from backs, and it had a long, whip-like tail with two spikes at the end. It moved the tail swiftly back and forth, gave a snarl that revealed many jagged needle-like teeth, and dug five sharp ebony claws into the ground.

The girl almost laughed. Lower demons were the easiest of all. Unable to possess humans, lower demons were non-magical and very stupid. She lowered her sunglasses to analyze it a bit, then pulled out her right hand and waved it in front of the demon.

"C'mon," she challenged.

Within an instant the demon lunged forward, its wings wide open as it growled at her ferociously.

"Hmph," she said as she side stepped swiftly, avoiding the blow. As the move was done, she lifted her hand towards her face. The demon was a few feet in front of her, enraged at its fault of missing. The girl flattened out her hand as it neared her face, and blew.

This time, instead of cold air forming, a beam of light did. As she blew into the palm of her hand, a thin, yet strong beam of light was created and struck the demon hard from behind.

The light brightened the entire park, and the girl hoped no one was witnessing her and the demon fighting. The beam of light hit the demon hard, and it flew backwards, making a yelping noise similar to that of a dog. The fight was as easy as she expected, it was a good thing she knew light magic.

However, the girl wasn't finished yet. It was still alive, and would never die until she performed the next step. Once she neared the demon closer, the girl lifted both hands at eye level, and closed her eyes, concentrating. She then raised one higher up towards the night sky, while moving one downwards at the same time rapidly.

"Be gone," she hissed.

Suddenly, with one last yelp, the demon began to disintegrate as particles of it spread apart. Within a few moments it was nowhere to be seen, as if it never existed.

Giving another long sigh once the job was done, the girl pulled out a cell phone, and dialed a number. She placed it close to her ear, and shivered once she realized her cell was ice cold as well.

"It's done, Eagle. The demon's been exterminated. Can I go home now?" she said, hearing the receiver pick up.

"Ha! I told you this would be a quick one, Nia; after all, it is your hometown."

"I know, I know. Now can I please go to bed?"

"Okay, okay. Just get some rest. You don't sound too great, and you've got to come to work tomorrow."

"You mean I can't take off tomorrow? But I already did you a favor and exorcized this thing—"

"Fine then, you're lecture from Chief."

Nia growled as she finished the call, then sneezed shortly afterwards. She lifted her sleeve, and rubbed her nose irritably.

"Damn, is it cold."

"Good morning, it's a warm Monday out there. The skies are clear, and the temperature is expected to reach the high eighties today. Yes, it's a beautiful day in Halo Avenue. However rain is expected Thursday and-"

Robert Skye placed a lazy hand over the radio and shut it off. He read the clock to see it was 7:17 . . . time to wake up. He pulled his covers off the bed, and sluggishly sat on the edge of his bed, yawning.

"You awake, Skye dear?" asked his mother, passing by the door.

"Does it look like I'm awake?" he said softly. It was strange for his mother to be up so early. She had to of had at least five cans of beer last night.

With one last yawn he stood up, and headed for the shower across the hallway. It was no surprise once he turned it on that it was cold. Skye sighed as he stepped into it and quickly washed himself. Once he was done, he wrapped a towel tightly around his body and walked back to his room.

He then plunged into his closet, and picked out his uniform. Whenever he saw it, he thought of his father. After all, it was he was the one paying tuition for one of the nicest schools in the district, St. George's School. If it were his mother doing the job, Skye wouldn't be going to school at all. The thoughts saddened him. Skye missed his father dearly. It had been six years since his parent's divorce . . . and he had still not gotten over it, mostly because he couldn't of stayed with his father instead.

But really, Skye couldn't stand his mother. Besides being a total airhead, she was a slob. The house was always messy, the clothes wrinkled, and she was gone most of the time, out partying and drinking away her troubles. Too bad he couldn't do that yet. So, instead, Skye was the one taking care of the house most of the time.

"It's 7:45, Skye. I'm leaving for work," shouted his mother up to him, "You better leave for school soon."


Work, yeah right, he thought as he shrugged to himself. Skye threw his white polo over himself, and his navy blue pants and tie. He smirked in satisfaction once he had combed his dark brown hair down, and headed downstairs.

Breakfast was usually just a bowl of cereal and milk, and he ate it rapidly while reading the news. There wasn't much except a young boy who had been shot and found dead in his room. It wasn't quite the story to be reading while eating breakfast, so he moved it aside and finished up.

Once Skye was done his regular morning chores, he swung his backpack over his side and headed out the door.

Suddenly, before he could even reach the sidewalk, he felt his chest tighten. He dropped on his knees, clutching his heart as it throbbed violently. He felt dizzy, his vision becoming blurry. Everything started to flicker in front of his eyes, and he started to see dark figures standing around him. They had no specific shape or form, but were just amorphous looking shadows drifting to and fro.

"What's . . . happening?" he muttered in fright.

Once he spoke, everything stopped. His chest was no longer hurting, his heart beating calmly as if nothing had happened at all. He was breathing normally, but he felt as if he should be coughing and sweating from all that pain. The shadows had vanished, and his vision was clear once more. He slowly stood up, and gazed at his surroundings.

"That was weird," he said, "What . . . was it?"

He placed his hand over his forehead. "Maybe I should stay home . . ."

However, as he analyzed himself, he saw or felt nothing wrong. Perhaps he was just imagining things . . .

"I'll figure it out later," he said as he picked up his backpack. Besides, it's not like he wanted to stay home anyway.

Nia yawned as she took a sip of coffee, and glanced at the clock to see that it read 7:00 AM. It seemed much earlier than that. But, then again, she probably was just exhausted from last night.

"I hate coffee," she muttered as she stared at it, swirling about in her cup. She placed it down on the desk, and stretched back in her chair.

This was EX, her job and life. EX was an exorcism company, one of a hundred and seven others situated around the earth, formed to rid the world of demons. It was the year 2009, and the world was getting full of them. Nia was working at EX since she was fifteen, not that it was her choice.

"Nia, we have something for you," said a man as he walked into her disorganized and messy office, "A case."

"What, you need me already?" she muttered to him, "I just got one last night!"

"You're just doing a job no one wants," he laughed.

"Yeah, yeah. So whatcha got?"

"Hah-just an sprite. Everyone refuses to do it, you're the only one hanging around with nothing to do."

Nia muttered to herself as she stood up. "Then I assume it's a close one, then."

"Not sure. Go talk to Eagle."

She sighed as she grabbed her gray coat and brushed some lint off her pants, and headed through the hallway. Eagle's office was at the very end-and it was the largest and darkest of them. Eagle was Nia's partner as well as a few others, he was the best at what he did, which was computers. He could find and locate just about anything, as well as hack into something forbidden. Yes, he wasn't called Eagle for nothing. He could find a way to fly into any situation . . . and that sometimes got him in trouble, too.

"You called?" asked Nia as she stepped into his office, "Dammit Eagle, why can't you turn some lights on in here?" Niah cursed as she almost tripped over a stray wire.

"Just a second," he said as he pressed a single key on the keyboard, then turned to face her. He lifted his glasses and smiled, "Well, well. If it isn't the infamous Nialla Daniels."

"Just cut to the chase," she said, "You needed me to exorcize a sprite?"

"Oh yeah, that. Nobody seems to be up to it. But you seem rather bored," he grinned.

"I'm tired! I'd rather be in bed right now! And you had to wake me up last night to exorcize that worthless, weak, pointless-"

"Alright, alright. Just trying to lighten the mood. Oookay, let's locate this baby."

Eagle typed some words on the keyboard, and then pressed enter. Within a few moments he had found the area.

"Yeah, it's not too bad. Less than an day's ride. It's in California."

"It's that close?"

"Yep. Shouldn't be a problem. You'll be in the household for about a few days at the most. Better think of a good disguise, too. Once the demon is exorcized, you'll probably have to stay for a day or two to help the host revive himself."

"Does it have a name? Gender?"

"I'm not sure. Its DNA is all scrambled . . . I can't find any specific data except the signal for its location. Everything else has been blocked," said Eagle as he began to type once more. "This is quite strange for a sprite . . . they've never been that great at hiding information, but still, you shouldn't have a problem with it." Eagle then printed out some papers and handed them to Nia.

"Great, thanks Eagle. I'll be back soon."

Nia then went to her office to pack some things, then rushed outside of the building to her car. The trip wouldn't be long, and it would once again be easy . . . but at least it wouldn't be that hard, especially since she was exhausted.

Nia picked up the papers and flattened them out as she started her car, and read the text. She skimmed over the address, phone number, and any other important details.

"Robert Skye, Halo Avenue. Sounds interesting."

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