She kept running.

Running. It seemed to be her life. Always running, running. Running from what? From Him. She ran from Him.

She knew He loved her. She knew it. But she couldn't stop running. She didn't want to give up what she had. She didn't want to give in to Him. She wouldn't. Couldn't. She couldn't do it. She couldn't.

So she kept running.

Why couldn't she? She didn't know. She wished she did. But she just- couldn't. She couldn't give it all.

So she ran. She ran as if for her life. Even though she was really running FROM life.

But she kept running.

Why did it always seem that He was right behind her? Always behind, ready to grab her at any minute. But He didn't.

Why? Because she had a choice. Run to Him, or run from Him. She chose to run. Away. Away from Him. The only true source of her joy. And she knew that.

But she kept running.

He just wanted to help her. He just wanted to love her. He just wanted her love in return. That was all He asked. But she couldn't. So she ran.

She ran because she hurt. She ran because of the pain. She ran from everyone. Not just Him. From everyone. But He was the only one who could see it. He loved her more than anyone else ever could. And He wanted her to love Him back.

But she kept running.

The pain kept on. The fear persisted. She hated it. She wanted it to end. She was alone, dark, depressed.

He gave her a way out. He told her to come to Him with everything. He would set her free from it all.

But she kept running.

She didn't want anyone to know. So she put up walls. Between her and her friends. Between her and her parents. Between her - and Him.

He hated seeing her like that. He didn't want her to be so alone. He knew if she would only tell someone, she would be okay. If she would only come to Him, she would heal.

But she kept running.

The pain was so hard to bear. She felt that the world would be better without her. She wanted to end it. To end her life. To take it. To be done with it.

He knew that she felt that way. He just wanted her to come to Him. He wished she would let Him heal her. Heal her from her pain. From her sorrow. From her torment. He asked her to come. He asked.

But she kept running.

She ran until she couldn't anymore. Until her steps lessened. She wanted to end it. She felt that she was alone. But she wasn't. He was there.

She fell. She couldn't take it. She cried out. "God, why is this happening to me?" Then she broke down. She sobbed. She sobbed until the tears were gone. And He silently wept with her. But she still didn't know He was there. He moved quietly out from where He had been. She gasped at the sight of Him. She jumped up with a startled, "No!".

And she kept running.

He followed her. He followed her to where she dropped, unable to move another step. She cried out for Him in despair. She was done. She was finished. She was through. With life? No. He had plans for her.

He came at the call He had been waiting so long to hear. He gathered her in His arms. She stiffened, but relaxed in His grip as He stroked her wet hair. She gave it all up. Everything. She was tired of it all. He comforted her. He knew it would be a long, hard road to come...

But she stopped running.


"In my distress I called out the LORD, and He answered me. From the depths of the grave I called for help, and You listened to my cry." - Jonah 2:2 NIV