When we were young, and Immortal
There was nothing
Nothing that could cause us pain
Nothing to make us go insane
Life was a ride, and a beautiful journey
Back then

We could cause trouble
Be free...
Jump off a bridge
And swim in the sea
It was you and I
Just you me

We were together
That's all that mattered
With life it finally made me care
Helped me open up my heart, and find things I never thought I could share

Broken hearts did not need to mend
I never thought it would end
Because we were young, and immortal then
No matter what life just couldn't end

Tethered together
Bound in love forever
But we were young and I just thought I was immortal then

Life was picture perfect
I couldn't ask for more
Unless I could have seen the downward spiral leading into noir

I wish I could hate you
Now I feel sick and ill
But I never will

Your hope just kept me alive
Taking it away well..it makes me want to die

No matter how many times
I soak my hands in tears
Hide behind drugs to lose my fears

Your stuck in my head
I can't lose you and I won't forget you
Even though now I am a waste of human life
Wallowing in self pity
You are my life support
And im the one who has to pull the plug

The pain I feel it
Like I did before you, in the past lives not so long ago we helped each other heal
The sadness I can't describe
But it makes me feel awful inside

I drag a knife down my wrist
Hoping for courage to push down

But I can't
Your still here

I hope someday you will see
I hope someday it will once again be me

I needed you and you needed me
I need you now
But you grew up
and I guess im still young
but without you
im no longer immortal