Sometimes when I stand alone outside just before the sun comes up for the day

The breeze will hit my face and rustle my hair

in the distance I hear the clankity clank of the flag pole behind my building

and it takes me somewhere

Somewhere I haven't been yet

somewhere that is home

I just haven't walked through those doors yet

the wind tells me of the good times yet to come

a yearning takes over me

and I crave a place that I haven't been to

a place I am not sure of its location

A place yet discovered on my map of experiences

I long for this place,

feel uncomfortable every where I am because it is not this place

there is no way of explaining

I simply will not fit anywhere else

Possibly I will never be happy until I find this place

All I can do is stand outside alone

Before the sun comes up

And relish in the wind telling me of secrets to unfold

Hoping someday this place will be revealed to me

And I will at last be free