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Ted's POV ~

Walking out after tossing the sheet, my mood was already pissed. God! A whole project to do with nerd-face. Still, I wouldn't let her dampen my spirit and leaned over to Sam to loosen my nerves. As we reached her locker, I looked up to see the guys from basketball. Laughing an joking, I noticed that behind them stood a very angered girl . . . Tessa! SHIT! I forgot all about the date with her yesterday when Samantha called. Now I was going to be in for it, especially since she just saw me make out with Sam.
"Ted?" she asked in a voice so syrupy, that I knew I was going to be in for it.
"Fuck you." She walked right over to my face, and laid a loud, and very painful, slap on my cheek. After a satisfied smirk, she walked away. I glanced down to see a fuming Samantha. She gave me a quick peck on my injured cheek and walked away, following Tessa.
"Oh man Ted. I think you've lost it." Snapping my head back, I glared at Chris Tows.
"What did you say Tows?"
"I think you've lost your charms dude."
"Oh yea? I haven't lost what you don't even have."
"I have a lot of things man, and most of them you don't know about." Flashing a smirk, he continued, "I bet I can name a few girls that you can't get, mister I-can-bed-any-girl-you-throw-at-me."
"I don't have to prove anything to you."
"You're not proving anything. You're confirming it."
"Fine, which girl?"
Before Chris had a chance to name one, a banging down the hall caught our attentions as Parker, my best friend banged a girl into her locker. A closer look revealed her to be Angelina . . . figured. Tears at the corners of his green eyes, he swept a large hand over his dirty blond hair and staggered over, doubled over in laughter. Spotting me, he patted me on the back. "Good luck Ted."
"For what?" Chris asked the question in my mind.
"You have to work with her on you're science project. Man, you're in for hell, working with squash face over there. What's your topic?"
Ignoring Chris's raised eyebrow, I answered with a smirk, "The Brain." That got Parker into another round of blood pulsing laughter as everyone turned and stared at this bulky guy's hysterics. A smug look dominated Chris as he turned to me and stated, "Angelina."
"Yea so? What about her?"
"My bet to you is to bed Angelina by the end of the year. If you win, I'll give you my undying respect and ."
"First off. You're undying respect is fucked up and like hell I would care. Second, what the hell! ANGELINA? ARE YOU CRAZY! I WOULDN'T TRY TO BED HER EVEN IF YOU PAID ME!"
"Not even for $100 and the chance to see me away from the field, as well as a date with Natalie, my sister?"
He got me, he knew it. I always wanted a date and a night with Nat cause she was fucking hot, but Christ didn't even allow me to even talk to her for longer than an hour. Of course I could beat him up to date his sister, but I doubted Natalie would appreciate it. Grinning, Chris went on, "Anyways, like I said, if you can bed Mason by end of the year, you get $100 and a date with Natalie. I will also not try out for football next season. If you can't, you can't join football next season."
"What! You can't do that! I'm the best player out there!"
"Well, if you're thinking about the loss that means you must not have enough confidence in yourself. Admit you've lost you're touch and we can not even try this bet."
Grumbling, I nodded, shook Chris's hand in those manly shakes, and stalked down the hall to my next class.