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Angelina's POV ~

I grimaced as I pulled up the sleeve to reveal a faint developing bruise on my arm.

Wincing, I grazed my hand over it, trying desperately not to cry. As I walked on, my

destination for outside, where I could sit by my favourite tree, the big one in the

courtyard, I heard the crackle of the PA. Stopping, I just managed to decipher a grumble

and my name. Holding my book in one hand, I began my trek for the office, desperate

that nobody will cause me any more trouble, and wondering why they had called me.

As I pushed the heavy oak doors, I stepped into the brightly lit room full of fake

tears and smiles. There, a middle aged women stood, sharply dressed in the latest

fashions. Turning her face finally applied with make-up, I gasped and shrieked in joy as I

pummelled myself at her.

"Aunty Clara!" I gasped as she detached my screaming hysterics from her suit.

She glanced in distaste at me, until her face filled with recognition and joy.

"Angelina! My darling! How are you?"

"Fine. Why are you here. Pardon my asking."

"Dear child, did your parents not tell you? They're leaving for a business trip of

your pathetic dad's and after a month in Tokyo, there're going on their second

honeymoon. A world trip or something like that."

My face contorted with pain and sadness. Sadness for the hate relationship between my dad and my mom's younger sister, and sadness that they did not tell me. Pain

for all the times they never tell me things, and leave me without a warning. My train of

thoughts were broken when my aunt muttered some uncohenprensible words under her


"What is it Aunt Clara?"

"Dear Lord child. What is my sister dressing you in? Of all the kids so far I've

seen, none of them wear such ugly, old-fashioned cloths. As a fashion designer, I must

see to it that you wear something other than this ugly attire for my duration here, which

will be around three months."

"But Aunty, I'm not allowed. The only clothes I can wear are dresses that reach

my ankles and long-sleeved T-shirts!" A smile tugged at my lips slightly when I heard

my aunt mumble something which sounded way too much like, "My sister spent way too

much time in the country. Good thing I left early."

Without a word, she whisked me out the door, and declared, "We're going

shopping Angel. I have contacts at certain shops, and we're going to get you a completely

new wardrobe. Now, this is going to be a little secret between you and me, so let's not

tell your mother okay?" I broke into a gracious smile as I walked out the door into her


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