Empty My Mind

Emotions play out on your face. Maybe by watching someone you can see their whole life, all in a few observations. It could take you a year, three years, ten, five minutes, four days. Sometimes time is irrelevant. You can lose track of time, letting life unravel before your eyes; the day and night are melded together. You forget about who you are sometimes, and you become a part of the universe. No longer are you a unique entity, but now you are a part of the universal balance, where good and evil unite. Emotions run askew and eventually you have to find some meaning in your life.

But can you mask your emotions? Can you keep your face blank? Can you blend in completely, mold yourself to those around you and disappear? Can you keep it all locked up inside? Hiding behind the walls you built to save yourself, did you ever actually keep anyone from spiraling down a hole infested with your worst nightmares and too deep to ever completely climb out of?

This skin… this skin I crawl in, uncomfortable and nervous, wanting a life I will never have. My true path has already been carved out for me, but to reach that distant happiness, I've got to know what I want and work for it. Work hard, work my ass off, I promised myself, long ago. Pictures may be worth a thousand words, but sometimes the most they can ever be is a collage of colored dots—the strength in numbers. Things change, life is screwed up, and people come and go. Find the truth in their lies, the only drops of wisdom that stay.

"Fallen Angel"
And now? Can you give me the wings to fly away? The wings of an angel – soft, enormous, and black. Black like the dreams of your exhausted mind, hurting from the effort of existing at this low level and forced to hide in the corners where the darkness used to be your deepest fear.

"Cure for the Itch"
It's an itching, burning feeling at the very back of your mind. It scratches away at your sanity until not even double fudge chocolate ice cream can satiate it. Only when you pick up your favorite pen or pencil and find a surface to give your thoughts a tangible shape, the shape of the words you scribble too quickly to remember the cramped feeling of your hand. Until you can set your itching mind free...