Tears of an Angel.
Part two: Do I love you? Or: The Gay Angel.

"Lucifer. Do you love me?"
He asked as he played with Lucifer's lips drowsily.
"Because I love you. An I have for a long time."
Lucifer struggled for words..
"Do I love you.?"


"Do I love you?"
The words felt foreign on his lips. Lucifer didn't know what to think. He was silent for a moment, in truth. He didn't know what to say. Nashidora did. She'd seen the whole episode, and now dragged Michael off Lucifer as if he would contaminate the man he lay on. She nearly threw him to the ground, and said in her terribly loud voice.
"Of course he doesn't love you! He's a man! AND SO ARE YOU!"
Her voice was cold and biting, hissing almost in the beginning, and in full tilt shout at the end. Michael's eyes brimmed with tears as other Angel's began to crowd about.
"You're a MAN Michael! Lucifer could NEVER love you! You're a GAY Angel!"
She was screaming, and Lucifer didn't know what to do. He wanted to throw her off the highest tower in Heaven, but he doubted even THAT would shut her up. Nashidora was out of control, and Michael was fighting back tears. And loosing. No one knew what to think of it. A gay angel. A *crying* Angel. Lucifer wanted to get up, and hurt everyone who even looked at Michael wrong. Yet his legs were strangely leaded.
In the end, it was Raphael, the Angel of mercy that broke the group up, and led Michael away. While the group of Angels dispersed, and Lucifer was rooted to the ground. Michael stole one last tear streaked look at Lucifer. Who gazed after him longingly. Michael loved him, and now, everyone knew it. Things would not be so easy for Michael now. Lucifer knew it in his heart. Perhaps other than Raphael, and himself, no one would accept Michael now. They would act like Nashidora, and Michael would despair. After about ten minutes, Lucifer found that his legs would move. He got up, and ran to his room. He leaned against his door, breathing hard. He knew what he wanted to do.
Lucifer wanted to drag Michael in front of God himself, and ravish the other Angel. But was that what he *should* do. He knew he should go to Michael, but he was likely with Raphael still, so he let them to it. Raphael was always better at comforting than Lucifer anyway. Lucifer began to shake with anger. Nashidora had no right to do that. But, then, Lucifer noticed the wet tracks running down his cheeks. He reached a hand to his face. Touching the moisture on his face, he realized they were tears. Shocked he began to wipe them off his face like the plague, but it was to no avail. The tears would not stop. They were a mix of anger, and utter despair.


Michael was in his favorite garden. A beautiful place, the only way to reach it was by flight for it was in the middle of a lake, the Island was a ring of Cherry trees, with irregular stones, twice the size of a man placed in spots around, randomly. They were carved with Angelic symbols, and everything circled the one major focal point. A weeping willow.
"He didn't even try to defend me!"
Michael clung to the ancient flowering willow tree as he wept into it's forgiving bark. He was watched though, Lucifer was listening to everything Michael said. It was true, Michael wept to the willow, and even it seemed to condemn him. Even as he approached, the old tree seemed to brush it's leaves against the soft breeze in the secluded wood, as if barring him access to the weeping man. But, Lucifer walked past the flowered branches to touch Michael on the shoulder, but the younger man let out a heart wrenching sob.
"I was wrong! Nashidora was right! And now he hates me!"
Michael voiced his broken heart, and ripped Lucifer's in two. Lucifer reached past the protective willow tendrils to touch Michael's shoulder. The other Angel turned around with surprising agility, his eyes widened when he saw the object of his desires in front of him.
"I'm so sorry L-Luc-!"
Michael couldn't even speak his name, nor could he look at the handsome Angel anymore, he dropped his gaze to the shadowed ground. Lucifer knelt beside Michael and took him into his arms.
"Nashidora was wrong, and I don't hate you.! *I'm* sorry. I truly wanted to help you.. I did."
Michael was stunned into silence. He clung to Lucifer's robes, and Lucifer simply held him. This was what he'd wanted for so long. To be near the man he loved.
"Michael. Are you scared?"
Lucifer asked him, and Michael was silent for a while. After about ten minutes, he answered.
"Do you love me?"
He asked looking into Lucifer's eyes. Lucifer paused, considering him. Even before he knew Michael personally he had always felt different about him. And when they became friends, that feeling only grew stronger.
"Yes. I do."
Lucifer looked into his love's eyes, which brimmed over with tears. Michael pushed his face into Lucifer's chest. Lucifer panicked. He grabbed Michael's face, and looked into his tear filled eyes. He knew it. He'd done something wrong.
"I'm sorry!"
Lucifer stammered out, Michael looked into his wide eyes, and began to laugh.
"I'm not sad. I'm happy!"
He smiled as he hugged his Lucifer.
"I guess you've never cried before have you. I cry a lot. I cry when I'm happy, sad."
"When you're angry?"
Michael considered looked up at Lucifer for a moment, and then put his head back down on the mans chest.
"I don't really get angry very often, but I cry rivers when I'm frustrated."
He whispered.
"But no.. I'm not afraid. If you'd said you didn't love me. Or that I made you sick or anything like that, then I would have been afraid, but with you, what do I have to fear? Words are nothing. And at least no one knows that you like men too."
Lucifer was shocked. He took Michael's arms roughly and pried him off his chest. He looked into Michael's face.
"You mean to go through this alone?"
"Yes. I do. And you won't interfere. I wont have you ruin your good reputation just for me!"
Lucifer considered him. This man was willing to endure all of this. Simply for his sake.
"You're the bravest Angel I know Michael."
Lucifer said as he kissed the unsuspecting Angel.

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