*This story is dedicated to my two best friends, Makeda Duyile, Amanda Claeys. They were my friends that supported me all the way*
*and urged me to continue...So to my Best friends for life!*

by: Sakura


The night was young once again, letting the sun slowly melt into the darkness of the night, letting the darkness come alive, and letting out its children to play. The sun had finally vanished, and only the pale silver moon shone onto the land. Hinaka rose out of her sheltered apartment in downtown Tokyo with her parents without them knowing. She slipped into the night, the way a sparrow slipped through the air. She walked silently along the crowded Tokyo streets, letting her silver hair dance in the wind, and her silver eyes gleam in the night. She approached the place she wanted to be, and entered silently, only one other person knowing that she was there, a person just like her, her best friend, the one that turned her into the person she was today.
"Hello Hinaka, Have a good sleep?" He joked as she came and sat by him on the roof top of the Metropolitan building watching over the sea of lights. He slid his arm around her while he waited for an answer. Letting the night breeze touch his smooth skin, and run along his dark black hair. She didn't answer; she simply sat in the comfort of his arms. He too sat silently waiting for an answer. He put his hands onto her face, and gazed deeply into her eyes.
"You are not happy Hinaka?" He asked and she shook her head in return. "Why, you are like me now, you will never be alone, Why are you unhappy? Are you not eating right?" He asked as she simply gazed along the expanding horizon. "What are you eating? Tell me! Do you want to die?!" His voice became frustrated.
"I am not eating at all Cefiro. I can't do this anymore. I'm afraid!" She answered meekly, her energy draining with every word. "I can't find myself to do this, I can't do this anymore, I want to go back to the person I once was!" She added.
"Hinaka, you know that you can't, you can't change the way you are now..." Cefiro trailed off as he held her tighter. "Do your parents know?" Hinaka shook her head. "I can't find it in my heart to tell them about this, they would be scared of me, and would never except me for who I am ever again!"
"Have you been going to school?" Cefiro questioned her life, but she shook her head in disagreement once again.
"I've been telling them I'm sick, and them I don't come here till night.
"I have been living my life like that for years." He added. She sat silently once again and then looked up to Cefiro.
"Cefiro, I'm hungry, I want to eat..." She said silently. He stood up, letting the wind push him off the building, Hinaka trailing behind him. She loved the way the air felt as it rushed by her in one breath. She landed on her feet, and pushed off once again behind Cefiro. He landed on a house, pointing at a dark park with two friends walking out, talking and eating some take-out from a nearby fast food place.
"There is our meal." Cefiro pointed out.
"I can't do it, It's cruel" Hinaka pointed out.
"It's also happens to be the only way you'll live." He remarked. He jumped off the roof silently, landing behind the girl, and pulling her into the thick branches of a tree. Gagging her so she could not scream or attract attention. Hinaka mimicked his action by taking her friend and jumping to the branch opposite of her only friend. She was hungry and could no longer hide it; she opened her mouth and revealed two large, gleaming fangs. Vampire fangs. Her hostage panicked, and started to kick and scream. But no voice came out, she was held tightly by Hinaka, and gagged with her cold hands. Cefiro slowly dug his fangs into his victim. Slowly drinking the sweet blood from his prize catch. Hinaka did the same, drinking slowly, letting the stranger's blood revive her system. Her vision became clearer as she finished her meal, and she let the body fall to the ground, and then jumping out of distance with Cefiro before someone would notice the bodies and call the police. They paused as they rested on a nearby apartment building. Hinaka's feet dangled off the side as she whipped the stained blood from her face.
"Do you feel better now?" Cefiro asked. She nodded in return.
"Thank-you... "She said as she stood up beside him, her head resting on his shoulder. Her soft hair blowing in the wind. "Cefiro, I don't want to go home. I want to stay with you. I want to stay with my own kind. My parents won't accept me for any longer; I cannot hide my secret any longer from my friends. They keep coming to my house asking nosy questions." Hinaka reported to Cefiro.
"Then come with me, come and live in the world of darkness, come live in the world of demons, come live in the world of the children of the night!" Cefiro exclaimed. She embraced him tightly as she nodded.
"I am the child of the night; I will come and join the world of darkness..."