Wandering the streets alone, Hinaka worried about herself, but for the first time since she had died, she had felt so free. Letting her worries catch with her. But she thought that with death, these worries would fade? Wouldn't they? what was she worrying about? Life? chances? Maybe if something would really sweep her off her feet and take her to the next world. A free world.
"What am I to do? Should I leave Cefiro and this world? Should I stay?" Hinaka whispered to herself on the crowded streets. She walked on, quietly with no one except herself. Slowly she turned into an empty children's park, and sat down on a swing. Grasping the chain, and letting her hair fall before her eyes as she cried. Small streaks of red blood cutting across her snow white face.
"Cefiro? What have you done to me?" She cried into her hands, swinging back and forth gently. "WHY?! Why did you choose me?!" She cried harder, her sobs becoming more attention. "Why?" she fell down, off the swing and into the grass. Her sobs becoming quieter and less off a distraction. Suddenly she could her footsteps, but why be afraid? She could overpower anyone. She closed her eyes, wishing that this where nothing more than a bad dream.
"Excuse me? Ma'am?" It was a male voice, thick and rich, but young a beautiful. "Excuse me? Ma'am? Are you alright?" he asked as he shook her shoulder.
"Please... leave me alone..." she tried to get him to leave her alone but this only complicated things even more.
"Please, get up, follow me. Are you hurt? Are you ill?" He asked as he gathered Hinaka into his arms and cradled her like a child.
"Leave me alone! I'm something you don't even understand! Why do you patronize me with your Human ways! Leave me be!" She yelled as she pushed his warm hands away, but he would not leave her alone.
"Please, young miss... I can help you, just... just come with me, and everything will be okay..." He suggested as he helped her off the damp grass and out of the park.
Hinaka left with the man willingly, not knowing what to do. He guided her down the lit streets and into a fancy loft which he had called home. The rooms were decorated with expensive electronics, and fragile items on shelves along with books and dictionaries. He sat her down on the couch with a cup of coffee.
"Now... what's your deal? Why were you in the park, by yourself, crying? Were you hurt? Is there something wrong?" He asked as nicely as he could.
"I... What if..."
"Yes... continue..." The man urged her to continue, trying to find out what was wrong with her.
"What if... I was to tell you that I am not of this world anymore...That I am..."
The man looked at her puzzled. "What do you mean, not apart of this world anymore? Do you mean to tell me that I am actually talking to nothing right now?"
"Well... yes, and no... I mean... I mean to say that, I am really... A soulless shell." The man looked at Hinaka with great interest. He searched her body with his eyes. Slowly looking over her facial features and body structure.
"You mean to tell me, that if something horrible happened to you... you couldn't really do anything about it. You couldn't report the incident, you couldn't tell the nearest person-"
"You don't understand... I could... but I shant. And even if I did, they could do nothing for me. I could really care less if something happened to me anyways, I mean, I could kill them, and get away with it." The man stared at her watching her blink as she left her coffee untouched. He watched her hair fall across her golden eyes and over her breast covered in expensive material. He shifted closer to her, not being afraid, he put his coffee down on the glass table and watched her every movement.
"I can tell now, after you tell me, you movements are serene and graceful, their... not human..." He described to her in a soft voice. Hinaka glanced at him, his throat with its inviting aroma of blood, and the she turned away.
"Then... If you are not human... what are you?" The man asked as he pulled Hinaka's hair out of her face.
"I will tell you... But I know that you won't believe me... "
"Don't worry... I believe you..." The man moved to look into her face. His eyes were trusting and filled with care... Human eyes, but as soon as she tried to explain, the man moved to her lips... Her eyes wide, he had moved to kiss her.
"What are you doing?! I don't even know you!" Hinaka exclaimed as she stood up from the couch.
"You're beautiful to me... " He explained as he grabbed Hinaka's wrist forcefully. She did not want to kill him with her great strength and resisted trying to pull away or pushing him off.
"I'm not even human! I can kill you with one grasp!" She yelled at him.
"I don't care..." He said to Hinaka as he pulled her back onto the couch and grabbed her other wrist.
"I am a vampire! Why are you doing this?!"
"I don't care what you are... You are beautiful..." The man echoed his earlier words. He lounged onto her and forced his tongue into her mouth, coaxing her lips open. Hinaka resisted, but did not want to hurt him, knowing that it would only bring bad fortune onto herself. She cried as blood tears streamed down her face, onto the fabric of the couch. She screamed, and gasped for air, as she tried to pry him off with out doing any harm to his fragile human body.
Suddenly the window shattered, and glass was scattered all over the carpeted floor. The man looked up, and with a movement that neither of them could predict, the dark shadow had pushed him off of Hinaka and he fell to the floor, clutching his face in pain. The stranger had obviously punched him. Hard.
"You will contain yourself sir, or you will have to deal with me." It was Cefiro, his voice deep and serious as he stood over the broken glass; his long, black hair was loose, floating on the breeze. He looked at the man with no sympathy. "The next time I see you near her, I will be forced to kill you." He added as he knelt by the couch to check if Hinaka was okay.
"You... Why, it's Cefiro... This I suppose is your child. Look how young she is, you let her out to wander the tainted streets, for her to get killed..." The man stood up straight and fixed his shirt. He looked over to Hinaka, she was curled up on the couch, and her hands brought to her face, as she looked at the man. He smiled at her, and suddenly as he smiled, she saw the dead in him, for he too was as she was. "Look at you Cefiro...The ancient that still owns the heart of a human, you care for her that much that you would come onto another Vampire's space? I thought that you told me years before that you had given up on human emotions, I suppose for the dead to lie, we aren't going anywhere..." The man taunted Cefiro, and though he knew quite well that Cefiro could kill him in an instant, he liked to risk everything now that he was dead. Cefiro ignored him though, checking Hinaka, making sure that he did not draw any blood from her, or attack her in any way. Cefiro took Hinaka's wrist and pulled her off the couch gently. She went willingly into his arms, and though his face was filled with anger, his actions were soft and delicate with her.
"I swear if I do ever see you again, Furrian, I will kill you. Make it a promise..." And with his last words Cefiro quickly leapt out of the broken window, leaving the man behind, and raced back to the apartment with preternatural speed.
On the roof top, once again, he placed her on her feet on the cement tiling. She hugged herself, her arms bare, her long, silver hair blowing in the gentle wind that swept across the city. He turned his back and paced with his arms crossed, his long black jacket blew in the wind.
"Cefiro... I'm so sorry..." Hinaka started, she stood still, watching him walk back and forth, talking to himself in an ancient tongue that she couldn't understand. His hair tangled in the winds that blew, making his jacket rustle. "I didn't know that he was a vampire, I thought he was human, I couldn't sense anything off of him, and he appeared to be so mortal... I'm sorry" She continued to apologize, explaining what exactly had happened. He walked towards her, the breeze blowing his hair out of his face. Then he quickly came up to her, his arms outstretched, and he brought her to himself tightly.
"Oh, my little Hinaka, I'm not angry with you, I am angry with myself... I should have never let you go out, I let you go, the one thing that I never wanted to do, and I did it. I should apologize to you... Hinaka, I am so very sorry to let you go, and get caught." He sighed and she dug her face into the fabric of his long coat.
"I'm sorry to burden you so..."
"You are never a burden to me, and don't you ever think that you are. You are nothing but a child in this never ending world, don't be sorry that you are vulnerable, even the strongest of us were that way once too. I was like you once too, and I had gotten myself caught once to, and I nearly died, and I was just happy that my maker loved me that way she did." Cefiro explained delicately. He took Hinaka's hand, and led her to the staircase so that they could make their way down to the apartment once again.
Down to the first floor, they made their way quickly, not bumping into anyone. They made in into the apartment safely and there, sitting on the living room floor was the golden harp that they had bought together earlier in the night.
"It has arrived!" Hinaka gasped, she walked up to it, as Cefiro watched her lovingly. She plucked the strings once again, the delicate hum of the vibrating chords struck her ears so beautifully, and with her new senses, the note held so much more pleasure for herself. Cefiro paced over to her, he sat on the table that the harp was place in front of, and rested himself comfortably so that he could play for Hinaka. He plucked the first few strings, the notes were anonymous to Hinaka, but none the less, beautiful. Abruptly after he had strung the first few notes, the song came. To Hinaka, it seemed to float on the light breeze, the song was light and elegant, the notes and chords perfectly harmonized, and with the speed and precision that Cefiro played made the song all the more attractive. Hinaka closed her eyes, the music touching her emotions, and she smiled within and her lips curved, showing her happiness throughout herself, but to her disarray, the song had come to and end, and Hinaka opened her eyes.
"Oh Cefiro, that was absolutely the most charming song I have ever heard in my entire life. I never knew that you could play with such presenting grace, I was touched!" She smiled and applauded for him, and whatever blood was left in his system rushed to his face, and he blushed, happy to please her. He shifted back on the table, and patted the empty space in front of him, inviting Hinaka to come and play on the instrument. She joined him, delighted. She took a seat in the space in front of him, and put her legs against his. He moved close to her, so that his face was right by her ear, and his chest pressed against the bare skin of her back. Her hair tickled his face, but he didn't mind, he closed his eyes, and breathed her in.
He brought his arms up, holding her hands, and placed them on the strings of the harp. He guided her fingers over the tightened strings, gliding them over certain notes, skipping every few strings, and them playing them back all together, He showed her chords to play, and mixed them in the song he was teaching her. Slowly, he went over the whole thing again with her, holding her fingers, embracing her slender, bare hands. Hinaka kept her eyes closed as he touched her hands, and conducted her hands over the strings. She breathed deeply as he talked to her, his voice soft and light by her face, he dropped his hands, letting her take control, and she played gracefully, playing the notes that he had just taught her, still she kept her eyes closed, imagining herself in the future years to come.
Unexpectedly, she felt his hand on her thigh, moving back and forth. But she did not move, she sat, continuing to play the harp. She smiled blissfully as she felt his body move even closer to her, his hardened, eternally young body right against her skin. She could feel one of his hands running through her silver hair, then to her shoulder, and his other hand moved over her stomach, and over her chest. Still she continued to play the delightful melody he had taught her. She could feel him nuzzling her neck right below her ear, and his hand that had run through her hair was slowly caressing her face. She pulled the last string of the song, and put her hands, once again on his. They searched her body as he kissed her ivory shoulders, and her tender little neck that still held so much human tissue in them, that they appealed so deeply to Cefiro. Hinaka closed her eyes once again, thinking of nothing more than her Cefiro. She was happy, maybe not forever, but for now, she was content. Cefiro played with her tender little body, running his hands over her unbroken skin, white and smooth, so perfect, like herself. He picked her up with great ease, and threw her playfully onto the futon-couch. He kissed her passionately, coaxing her lips open. He bit her lip, making her bleed, and she herself tasted the blood. Cefiro loved this, the taste of the blood was the little bit of her own mortal blood that had not yet been washed away by death. He lapped it up, licking her lips, and still his hands explored her little frame. She let out a simple laugh of delight. He pressed to continue, and Hinaka could feel him loosening the strings on her corset-like shirt and his hand rode under her skirt, and abruptly, Hinaka froze. Cefiro had felt her stiffen and stooped his procession immediately.
"I'm sorry Cefiro, I know that it doesn't mean much to lose virginity now... Especially when I have nothing to worry about, but I'm scared still... I don't think that I'm quite ready yet. I'm sorry to disappoint you, the fact that I'm still only seventeen, and I'm young right now and... I'm very sorry Cefiro" She pleaded with him.
"No, I'm sorry Hinaka, I should not have rushed you..." He sat back on the Futon, and Hinaka joined him, leaning her head on his shoulder, His arm embracing her gently. He patted her smooth hair, and stroked her lovingly, much like he did when his little sister was alive, an an ancient time as they would sit on the marble floor, just after she had come in from playing out in the oasis.
"Again... I'm sorry Cefiro, but one day, I will give you the world." Hinaka smiled happily as she looked into the eyes of her maker.
"No... You please me, and you are my lover as much as you are my daughter and so I will not be angry at you for rushing you into things that should not be rushed into. You are still young, both mortally and eternally, and because you are eternal, waiting is not a problem, and I will wait for you, no matter what happens. Hinaka's eyes fluttered in and out of a light sleep. Despite the fact that night was a time to be awake for her, and to go out and live, she fought with herself to keep her eyes open. Cefiro combed his fingers through her hair.

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