don't move

while i photograph this moment in my mind

stay right there

i have to memorize every curve, every line

please don't leave me-

stay another night

its lonely in this house and in this heart

take a piece that has been broken from the start

as long as you love me

it was just the once, but your love was so strong

i wanted to hold you all night long

lay right there, stay right there

i dont know your name, but i know who you were

the broken pieces of our hearts went together

like pieces of a puzzle, a perfect fit

but you threw them away, scattered over the floor

please don't leave me-

stay another night

i wish you would be mine forever,

but forever now is gone

don't move

i try to shake you from this somber sleep

but you lay so still

maybe its the blood flowing from your head

the same color as your hair

why don't you hear me? why don't you respond?

maybe its the gun in my hand, cold metal

the same color as my heart

what have i done? its all becoming clear

life has become death, and you

don't move