No Place For Me
By Soulless Wanderer

I'm left homeless
On the night streets.
Stranded in the cold,
And the hot summer heat.

No arms I know
Would tell me so.
That they'll forever
Keep me in hold.

If you are there,
Give your hand to me.
Stop me from drowning,
Into the deepest seas.

I'm lost in this world,
In this confusing maze.
No one there to guide me,
Guide me with your gaze.

I walked towards,
The burning flames.
But you turned me away,
Leaving me in shame.

I tried again,
And walked towards thee.
But the flames felt so cold,
Freezing the soul inside of me.

The hot summer heat,
Now felt like the cold winter frost,
I'm forever wandering,
And forever lost.

End Notes: This is a poem from last year. There's nothing in this piece I want to