The rain is coming down pretty hard now. I don't know what is it about the rain... It gets me thinking about the past. The men I've loved... the loves I've meant. The lifetimes I've lost finding the men I love and being the man they found to love.

I'm sitting in the hutch, like I usually do when it rains. Sebastian is being an idiot like he usually does and is sitting in the rain. "Hey, Seb. Don't you have enough common sense to come in out of the rain?"

He glanced over his shoulder at me and with his bright green eyes flashing and a warm smile on his cute face he give me the middle finger and then turns his gaze back out into the hazy nothingness.

That's exactly the attitude that ruined things between Sebastian and I. He's a great guy, one of the smartest people I ever met and the damned sexiest boy I ever knew. But there's a coldness to his sexuality and that's what got between us... Not that there was really anything much between us... I wanted sex and he was willing to have it. He didn't want to get attached emotionally, though he didn't tell me that until it was too late for my heart. Something had hurt Seb in his past... and he didn't like to talk about it. Period.

It's kind of funny... I first seduced Sebastian on a rainy day like today.

"Hey kid..." He was only seventeen then. "Why don't you come under the hutch. It's freezing cold out there."

"A good watcher doesn't leave his post." The boy shot back.

"You're not leaving you post." I replied. "You're relocating it."

He sneezed lightly, jumping a bit and pulling his sopping blanket closer around him.

"Can you even see anything?" I asked him. I'd been out here more that once in hurricane weather like this. Someone could be have stripped naked painted themselves neon yellow and be streaking ten feet from us and in that rain we might see a wag of his glowing dick and shrug it off as a bird.

When Sebastian didn't reply, I sighed and went to stand out there. "Get your little frozen ass in that hutch. I'll stand out here."

He sneezed again and finally acquiesced to his common sense and went in out of the rain. "And don't get my blanket wet."

He was about to put my dry blanket around his form when I spoke then with a shrug he sat in the farthest corner from it. I sighed at him again. "You don't know much about surviving the elements do you, kid?"

Sebastian shrugged again and didn't bother to fight me when I pulled him to his feet and began to unbutton his shirt. I saw his Adam's apple catcher nervously in his throat and I smirked at him. "What are you gay or something?"

His shirt fell off and he shrugged. "Actually yes."

I hesitated a moment, feeling my own body jump in responce to his casual reply. I never knew anyone that sure of their sexuality at seventeen."Oh. Well, you can take your own pants off then. I don't want to end up having sex before you're off duty."

He chuckled lightly, everyone in the damned village knew which side of the fence I was on and nobody cared. I watched over my shoulder as he stripped down to his underwear then cuddled into my blanket. "Thanks, Gil."

I shrugged and tried not to think about the slender muscular body he had flashed me, turning my back on the boy and hugging myself as the freezing rain poured around me. "Don't mention it, kid."

I had no intention of standing out there in the rain and every intention of having sex before the kid was off duty so I waited until he was warm and fuzzy enough to stay where he was under the blanket before cursing into the foggy night. "Oh... Fuck this."

He blinked a bit waking and his eyes opened wide as he saw me stripping out of my clothes. "But we have to keep watch..."

I pushed him back down into the enormous blanket. "Trust me, kid. The criminals are too smart to go out in rain like this. Now move over a bit."

He stayed where he was, not moving as I wrapped the blanket about myself. Normally, I would have been totally naked but I didn't want to make him uncomfortable yet so I left my underwear stuck to my body like it was and huddled with him under the blanket. "It's damned cold out here."

"Yeah..." He nodded, and glanced over at me, warm green eyes smiling more than he was in the darkness. "We ought to find a way to keep warm."

I chuckled at him and ran my fingers up his side. "I know a way."

Sebastian jumped and jolted away from me, shocked by the light touch and I shrugged at his gesture and gathered the blanket about myself. He didn't stay out there long. "Let me back under?"

"Okay." I spread the blanket out in my arms in a warm embracing gesture and he sighed and looked at me a moment resisting the invitation. I chuckled and lowered my arm allowing him under the blanket but not hugging him. But when he sat back down I pounced on him, immediately covering his smooth wet body with mine. He struggled a moment, then collapsed into a fit of heavy breathing and simply stared at me in awe. I smiled, rocking against his rock solid erection. "Well, you said to let you under?"

"You horny bastard." He smiled, smugly and pushed me off.

"At least my dick's not frozen as hard as yours, kid." I smiled as he blushed at my observation.

Sebastian sighed and settled into his area of the blanket. He gazed off into the distance, still trying to fight crime, the lofty-minded devil, but before long the monotony of the rain dulled his senses and he fell against the back wall of the hutch and was snoring gently. I slipped nearer to him, tightening the blanket around our bodies.

He woke the instant my lips touched his and sighed gently in acceptance of the gesture. I didn't press him on for a moment, savoring in the desirable delectability of his young mouth enjoying the flavor of his inexperienced lips.

My hands quickly, coyly began to travel over his soaked and cold body. Soon Sebastian had warmed to my touch and the boy murmured softly when I lowered him to the floor of the hutch. I rocked my hard body between his slender thighs. I didn't feel much like foreplay that night but something about Sebastian told me not to rush in to anything. I've since learned that foreplay is his favorite part. In all my experience with him he's more responsive to kisses and caressing than he is to anything below the belt.

I enjoyed the softness of his damp skin and soon I had convinced him to join me completely under the blanket where I lavished his entire body with kisses and touches. He sighed and moaned softly, sounding as new to the attentions as he was to the watcher's station. Not that he didn't learn quickly. He very quickly was returning the same attentions on my body.

I knew we didn't have long until his shift ended and I was certain that once the bell tolled that kid would bolt. For all his eagerness, he was too skittish not to take any excuse to leave me wanting him. So I held him down with a kiss and reached down to his underwear which was still clinging to his hard erection like a spider web. I smiled into his mouth plucking kisses from his lips and slowly eased them away from his loins. His young body froze and I petted and kissed him gently. "Relax, Seb. I'm not gonna hurt you..."

He allowed me to remove the last garment and sighed as I took his pounding erection into my hand. I kissed him again, lovingly stroking him. "I can tell you haven't done this before so, I'll go easy on you."

"I've done this before." He stated, his green eyes dulled and his head turned away slightly. "I just... I didn't really want to do it before."

I drew away from him. "Seb... we don't have to go all the way I mean...I could stop now if you want."

He turned back to me. "No. I don't want you to stop."

Sebastian smiled slyly at me and sat up again, wrapping his arms and legs about me. He kissed me strongly. "I knew what you wanted when we started... so go on..."

I licked his lips as he pulled his mouth away from me and looked down at me with the most seductive expression I have ever seen. "Go on, Gilbert."

I wasn't about to give him time to second guess himself. I lowered him down and kissed him as I put my hand out side of the hutch a minute then brought my cold wet finger to his hot tight body. He gasped a bit when I quietly thrust my fingers into his body lubricating and trying to relax his entrance. Sebastian whimpered slightly when I tucked my underwear underneath my throbbing erection and lowered my painfully aroused body into his.

Sebastian was oddly quiet. I've never had a lover as silent as him. It was difficult to know whether or not he enjoyed my body sliding in and out of his slick tight body. I'm sure he did, because he came back for more one several different occasions and never demanded any position change. But at the moment it was unsettling to me, not knowing whether he enjoyed it or not. He must have liked something because I never even touched his flaming erection before he burst all over himself.

I know one thing for sure. I enjoyed it. Sebastian had a great body. Tight as all hell and he was rocking his body with just the right rhythm of uncertainly. Looking down at that cute boyish face, with his eyes closed and his lips pursed into a kissable pout... Moving over his hairless slender chest, with his peachy nipples standing out. Petting his concave abdomen and almost feeling my body moving inside of him. Thrusting my own hard body into his smooth white ass while his legs curled around me.

I came sooner than I usually would have, right after his spontaneous male eruption. Seeing his hard pink member just suddenly explode like that with the force of his silent climax... I don't think I could have held back if I had been trying.

I sank down over him... Sebastian had a very huggable body and I was happy to have stayed there, laying flaccid inside of his warm form, nuzzling into his soft blonde hair, breathing his young masculine scent, feeling his slim chest rising and falling beneath me like the trees swaying in the...

"Hey, Gil..." He shifted me out of my daze. "Could you... um... go."

I sat back and Sebastian squirmed away, for some reason uncomfortable with my light cuddling. I was about to ask him if I had done something wrong, most of my lovers enjoy a good period of contentment when we're through and none of them were as quiet at Sebastian. I heard the soft tolling of the bell and observed with surprise. "Oh...You're shift it over."

Sebastian rolled to his feet acting as if we'd done nothing more than invent a special handshake. "Perfect timing."

I never quite got over the callousness of that remark.