~The End~

In other words... Yay! I finished!

There is another story called, Attainting Humanity which goes along with this one. Gilberry…er… I mean, Gilbert is just a side character in that one because it centers around Sebastian and Damon and their relationship through the years. I hope you all go and read that one too. It will be much longer but if you review as you go it will only take a little while for the whole story to be posted.

I'm gonna try something awe-inspiring and scary for me. This is to post the first chapters before I actually finish the story… It's probably a very bad idea but Terra-bookie thinks I can do it so I will!

And while I'm on the subject…

Thanks to Terra-bookie for getting me started on writing the story you've just read and for keeping my in line with 'Attaining Humanity' (y'all go read that one too! J ). You should all go read her stories because then she'll finish them. Lol. Cazzie, loves you, sweetie.

Thanks to everyone else who reviewed. I hope you enjoyed the story and I hope you'll read some of the other stories I've written. Generally it's lemony-packed slash even though I don't usually mention it in the summary. I frighten away homophobes in my profile and trust that that will be enough warning for the stories.

Any vayzzzz... Thanks for reviewing!

Lots of Love, Lisettejester