My mother,
My friend.
You've been there,
All these years.
You've never,
Left my side.
Whenever I had a problem,
You tried your best,
To help me solve it.
Whenever I had a wound,
That needed healing,
You were always there.
You held my hand,
Through all the pain.
You're love helped it,
To go away.
Ever since I was young,
You've given up your life,
For me.
You've put yourself second,
Suffered so we could smile,
And not once did you complain.
You put up with my whining,
Laughed at my jokes.
Never forgot a birthday,
Or a special event.
Every trip you could,
You'd always accompany.
Every trip you couldn't,
I shed a tear.
I wouldn't be able to stand,
Living without you with me.
You're my rock,
In the storm.
The one who keeps me going,
Forces me to keep going,
When I want to give up.
I'm sorry for everything,
I've done to hurt you,
To make you sad.
I don't mean a word I say,
Unless it's something kind.
I wish I could go back in time,
And undo all the wrongs.
I want to be a good daughter,
And not give you any trouble.
I know I always say this,
But I'll try hard to show,
How much I appreciate everything you do.

I want you to know I love you,
No matter what I do,
To make you think otherwise.
I'm your daughter,
And you're my mother,
And nothing can ruin our bond.

.:a/n:. It sucks, I know. But it just sort of came out and that. I wrote it
in a few seconds or a minute or whatever so I don't expect it to be great.