A/N: This may be prose, this may not. I don't know, and though I ask for help, not all of it is true, which would make it prose. Sorry if you think it shouldn't be in this category.

Oni, Chaos, Shiin and Kythe were all in the same grade at the same school in the same nameless town. Oni, Chaos, and Shiin had been friends since the sixth grade and they met Kythe in the very last of seventh grade and were a 'group' throughout all of eighth grade.
Being the typical immature eighth graders that they were, Oni, Shiin, and Chaos joked around with each other about all things. Walking down the hall it'd be "Hey- she loves you Shiin," of a mutual friend of theirs, or "out of all of us, we have agreed that it'd be most likely Kythe growing up to straight. The rest of us are too weird or too desperate." Such jokes were brushed off by all in the little group with muttered curses or laughter.
Many many of those jokes revolved around one's sexual preference, and many were directed at Kythe. The tellers of the jokes had made no conscious decision to make her the butt of these jokes, it just was. These directed at her were either '(Some random girl) loves you', or 'you'll grow up to be straight' jokes.
Eighth grade passed eventually and the little group of friends graduated (to the surprise of some- mentioning no names *coughShiincough*) and all of the friends started high school. Unfortunately, not all of the friends were going to the same high school. Oni, being rather talented was leaving her best (only) friends for a special high school that demanded just about all of her time. One day, about two months or so into the school year, Oni received a call from Chaos, who was with Shiin, who reported that their little group was rapidly disintegrating. Not only was it that Oni had left for this new school, but Kythe had grown weary of all these jokes, no matter that they were all in jest. She had told the two who were at the same school as she that she wanted nothing else to do with the little group. That there was only so much of that that she could take before snapping.
One was very sad at losing Kythe, because her first year at high school was rather friendless, but she moved on and stayed in close contact with Shiin and Chaos.
Skip forward to junior year:
Oni and Chaos still are very good friends, and Oni tries to stay in touch with Shiin, but this friend has moved into a world of other friends and drugs, which worries Oni and Chaos. They still talk about Shiin once in a while, but Oni at least has reached an agreement to let Shiin live her own life.
Chaos and Oni talk on IM now while they do their homework, and in the middle of junior year, Chaos has some interesting news for Oni. She had found out that Kythe actually is gay, and decides to share the information with Oni. Oni is struck with the realization that that is the reason Kythe stuck up for herself and left. After this stunning revelation, Oni takes many hours thinking on this, regretting that she just cut off communication with Kythe.
Many more hours were spent in conversation about this with Chaos, who had similar thoughts about this. Chaos doesn't seem to be as bothered by this as Oni is, but remember Oni had not been there for any of it to unfold, so she has to wonder if she could have been able to prevent it. Chaos did say that she saw Kythe on Valentines' Day with a rose, and that she looked happy. Oni still feels really guilty about all that happened, and I hope that those of you who R&R this can give me some advice. Assuming that this actually gets read.
Oni still wonders if she could have knocked some sense into the other after the school year started, because she knows that she matured over the summer and probably would not have let them continue to make jokes about her that would have sent her over the edge. She also wishes that she is at the same high school as Shiin, so that she could knock some sense into her on the issue of drugs as well. But now Oni's big wonder is whether she should try to approach Kythe and apologize? Not that she thinks that Kythe would remember or recognize her, but she thinks that maybe it's worth a try? They always say that hindsight is 20/20. Oni knows this for a fact.