AN: Listening to an album I haven't listened to in over a year I remembered
something that inspired me to write this. This poem wrote itself so please
be kind to it and don't hurt its feelings. It's a young poem and it needs
your support. Thanks!

Back to Reality

So completely immersed.
The simple happy memories that you
can't linger on for too long, before
they start opening other memories.
Ones that are better left dead and buried.

The simple happy memories.
Smells, sounds, tastes, things that
are meaningless unless you give
them the power to overrule your world.
Things that are triggered by a song.

On the computer Avril Lavigne playing
people dying thanks to my
rocket launcher or sniper rifle.
And there I go again; I've given it power,
I'm lost in the dreams.

The marshes, the zombies, my crossbow,
my throwing knives, my short-sword,
so many hours spent in useless dreams.
But they were my dreams, I could live
knowing I didn't have to move.

I never had anything pressing.
Never any guilt. Never any shame.
Never anything to worry about, there were
just the games and me, the games
and the tobacco in my pocket.
So pure, so perfect, so young,
So not there, so numb, so lost,
So unreal, so lost in reality,
So stupid, so alive, so cruel,
So free, so chained, so young.

That was my life.
The way I lived was insane.
I was insane. Always so closed off,
I never opened to anyone.
When you let people in they rip you apart.

The dream was all I had, it still is.
But now my dreams are becoming reality.
I'm moving. I'm not stuck.
I'm lost but I know that all I need to do is keep walking.
I will get there eventually.

When the fog lifts I might even realise that I'm already there.