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"My god you scared me, where the hell did you come from?" she yelped. She always swore when she was scared or startled.

The man before her shrugged lightly. "No where really. I saw you sitting here so I thought I'd go and see if you were alright, especially after that little incident with that car earlier this evening," the man said.

"You saw that?" she groaned. The person in front of her was the man that she had seen earlier today! This man was every bit as handsome as she remembered him, and now he asked her about that embarrassing incident? Was it possible to crawl under a rock and die like the saying? Because she sure felt like doing it now.

"I've always known there are some people in the area driving like mad but driving like that man did..." the man shook his head. "That's just too irresponsible to even mention," he finished.

"Er, yeah, it is," she admitted. "Do you live here? Heck, I don't even know your name," she laughed nervously while trying to get herself under controll and calm down. He smiled slightly.

"You may call me Miguel."

"Is that your name then?" she asked. There was something about the way he said it that made her suspicious.

"It's one of them," he answered avoidingly and she began to understand that there was more to Miguel than he let on.

"Okay then Miguel," she said, and decided to play his game... for now. "My name is Michelle Glover and I live around here."

"Michelle, it rhyme on Miguel," he said with a smal smile.

"Yes I suppose it does," she agreed. She wouldn't have noticed if he hadn't mentioned it. "You still haven't told me whether you live here or not," she added. She was fishing for information. Miguel intrigued her, there was something about him that made her want to know more.

"For the moment I live here, over at my aunt's house," he said. He didn't sound too happy about it, but she could have imagined it. She nodded towards Miguel to show him she was listening. She didn't know what else to say. It felt like she was questioning him all the time and he just answered and didn't ask her any questions back. She didn't want to seem too eager to get to know him.

"How old are you Michelle?" he asked finally after they had shared a silent moment. Miguel sat down on the swing next to her so he probably planned on staying for a while. She didn't mind, far from it.

"I'm eighteen, and you?" Her hands played with the swing's rope. She didn't look at him fully, but she kept sneaking glances at him.


She smiled but she wasn't happy to hear his age. Guys at that age didn't want to be with teenagers. Alright, so maybe some would, but Miguel seemed to be the kind of guy who didn't want to deal with teenage girls and their pent up emotions. He seemed far too mature for that.

"Then you wouldn't like to talk to me any longer," she laughed lightly. She was testing the waters now, and hoped he would at least be her friend, even if she was interested in more.

He looked up at her in surprise. "I can't see why not. Age is a funny thing. There are eighteen years old individuals who acts maturer than those who are twenty years old sometimes. You learn how to judge people's characters after a while." His eyes looked out over the playground and Michelle had a change to really look at him. God, he was gorgeous!

"Have you learnt it then?" She asked and pulled one leg up to her chest. She hugged it to her while she tried to make sense of Miguel. Miguel was certainly different from every other man she had talked to. He was interesting and secretive without trying to be so, he wasn't pretending to be anyone he wasn't. He was the deal deal and that's what she liked about him.

He nodded to her earlier question. "Yes I have. I'm used to studying people."

"Why?" He didn't answer that. Instead he stood up.

"Perhaps it's time for you to go home? I expect to see you soon," he said and began to walk away, just like that. Confused over his sudden change of mood and departure she stood up and it didn't become her to protest.

When she later sat in her car on her way home she thought about what had happened. How could this man just have told her to go home and she obeyed him like that? She didn't even question him or tell him that she did whatever she pleased. That was scary. Did he really have that sort of power over her? To make her do whatever he wanted? No that's silly, she thought.

Then what had happened?

She drove up to the gates and used a plastic card to make the gates open up for her. She parked the car in its usual spot and locked it even if she didn't need to. No one could come in there and steal it. She walked up the stairs to the house in the darkness. She stopped when she thought she heard something coming from the bushes in the far end of the front garden.

She stood unmoving and looked with unseeing eyes over at the bushes. All she could see was shadows. Some were moving but it was probably the wind that made the branches move.

She watched for a while until she dismissed it as imagination from her side. When she opened the door to the house she thought she saw a silhouette of a man in front of the bushes but she shrugged it off as an impossibility.

She closed the door and as a second thought occured she locked it before she took a shower and went to bed.