The Pain of Loss

When did this fall a part?
Such a perfect commendation to memories past,
I strive to survive without purpose.

Give me something to believe in,
Just a brief flicker of a flame to warm this frozen soul,
All I have are these contrite words,
And feelings of regret, and sorrow.

I can't help but wonder if you are happy,
Happy with what you've become,
Happy with the choices that you have seemingly made,
Happy with the knowledge that you've ruined too many lives.

You're burnt out and broken,
A useless relic of times gone by,
The ideals and morals you hold onto so vehemently,
They're meaningless spectres of people who mean too much to you.

Murmur softly a lullaby to ease the pain of loss,
To make me forget that I was ever here in this place to begin with,
So many thoughts are dangerous to idle minds,
I've thought too much.

To all those who've abandoned themselves,
Despite the shadows of the unknown,
I will not let you break me down into fragile pieces,
I have been through too much to ever give in.