Wish I could control,
The feeling I get,
When I see your face.
I haven't known you,
For very long,
Not long enough,
To call you my own.
But I can't deny,
The feeling I get,
When I catch you stealing,
A glance my way.
But you're with my friend,
Someone I can't betray.
And I try so hard,
To move on.
I know I will,
I just don't know when.
Until I do,
You're the only one in my eyes.
The only one I see me with,
For the rest of my life.
I'm living in denial,
But it's my own secret world.
No one knows,
How I feel.
And it's going to stay that way,
Until I'm over you,
And I don't have to pretend anymore.
Pretend that when I look into your eyes,
I don't melt.
Pretend that when you smile at me,
My heart doesn't stop.
Pretend that all these feelings,
All these emotions,
They don't exist.
I hope my act is good enough,
To fool them all.