Andersen's fairytale of the little ugly duckling should be well-known… that's my interpretation and "sequel"… Deeper meaning possible. Think about the symbols, maybe you'll understand what I'm referring to. Not really complete yet… some things to be changed… but maybe you like it.

Ugly Little Duckling

© Lexa 02/04

Ugly little duckling, unlike the others

Lonely, loathed and looking

Searching for home in despair

Wings pierced by rejection again, again.

Giving up hope for summer sun

But growing despite the pain.

Finally finding its place, spring has come

Envious birds see the swan's rise to heaven.

But flying, the newborn beauty feels

The scars hidden by white feathers

Wounds left by angry beaks

Hindering, hampering, holding him down

If wind brings resistance, they hurt again.

Stained wings too scarred to carry the bird

In his heart, the grey duckling cries

Not gone, not strong, only hidden

Will the swan ever fly free of yesterday?