A/N: This is in response to a boy in my grade. (Earthsong12, his initials
are W.G.) We were talking about classes and what we read and somehow got
onto this subject. I asked if he even liked English, and he said yes,
except it's not useful. You can't learn anything like you do in history.
Grrrr, that is the stupidest, most annoying, most uneducated...anyway,
just read the poem. Oh, yes, and flames are welcome. Don't worry, I'll
laugh my head off at them.

English is useful, too!
If you think that only history is useful
or science, say
or math
Then you're missing out on something very important.

You may say that you like English
You might say that you like to read
But when it comes down to it, you think it's all just for fun.

If that's what you think then you've never read what I have
You never see the hidden meanings
teaching you about life.

You've only read history books
Or technology books
Only something useful, you'd say.

But English is useful, too!
It shows you how people develop, and why
Shows you in a setting of its own creation
So you get fun out of what you're reading
But the hidden meanings sink deep
deeper than your bones into your very soul
to lodge there and whisper the hidden meanings of life.

English is nice, you'd say
But not useful, not like history is
It shows you what has happened
so you can learn from the past.

But English is useful, too! I answer
It shows you the future, present and past
All in one
or one at a time.

It shows you what can happen
what will happen
what is happening.

Where do you think your history books came from?
I challenge
What category do you think language is in? I ask.

But that is different, you'd say
No matter how it's written
you're still reading history
or math
or science
Not something amusing like fantasy
or fiction.

History is real
and only reality can show you what is true.

Then I feel sorry for you, I sigh
If you believe it's that way
That only something which is proven
only something "real"
is true.

You might get high in the world, I say
You might be the best at what you do
But you will never learn the why
if you don't look from different angles.

For history can only show you one side
math or science only another
For they are based in this world
and are "real"
But if you look a different way
From something that did not happen but could
Then you can see the reasons why one thing happens over another.

If you read in books - English, "story" books
Then you will find patterns
of reasons
Why things happen the way they do.

You will find that authors repeat things
Things that are mockingly called clich├ęs
But there is a reason there that you can only find
Looking at the same point in time
or in different places.

For if you go in one straight line
in history
Things rarely repeat themselves,
for we learn from our past
Which is important! I'll admit
But you don't learn the same things.
Not the why
Just the how
Though you may think you know both.

So I conclude
English is important, too!
And hope you understand
And hope that there are others, too
who understand
So this world of ours
will not be stuck in "reality"
But learn the why and the how
and the which and what, too
And be better through knowing them
And knowing that other possibilities are out there.