A/N!: Hi. I know some of you are like, "FINALLY!" But I want you to know that it is completely and utterly my fault. No excuses from me. I just finally got off my duff and finished this godforsaken piece of . . . .cheese. Yes. So. After some toil, here you are with the final chapter of the Xantos story.

Xantos and I had to beg a ride home from my friend Annie McG, which was quite different from the ride up. See, our ride up was in a car. Our ride down was in a conversion van. With a dog. Xantos was almost too preoccupied with the dog to notice the ride back home. However, I didn't care because Annie and I were engaged in a wonderful conversation about math class.

We got home and I threw my stuff in my room. When I went back to get a snack, Xantos was already there, rummaging in the fridge. Looking back, he HAD adjusted to all the different technologies quite well. I wondered to myself about when he was going to leave. He'd better leave soon otherwise I would probably go insane. He was great in moderation, but any more of him, and I could swear I would bust.

"Hey, y'got any fondue?" Xantos asked absently.

"Um. . .no." I answered automatically. "How about crackers?" I shoved the package at him and, after fumbling with it for a bit, he took one.

"How 'bout donair?" He asked again, only this time with a mouth full of food.

"No. No fondue, no donair." I answered again, rather tired by my day.

"Well then, Ms. I'm-in-a-bad-mood-so-you-can't-have-fondue. I'll eat your crackers."

"Good. Crackers are good." I replied whilst shoving the stuff on the table to one end. I spread out some of the on-going project I had and worked on it while I ate, trying to ignore Xantos reading over my shoulder.

Jeopardy was on and I was answering a few questions here and there when I knew them. Crazily enough, there was a "Mythical Creatures" category, and Xantos answered every single question without a second thought. He would definitely be MY phone-a-friend. It was actually kind of cool, because two of them I had never even heard of before.

Xantos got up suddenly, knocking me out of my homework-induced stupor. "Xantos?" I asked. "What's up?"

"Oh, I just have to go now. I mean, it was fun and all, but it's time for me to g—ahhhhhh!" I sighed as his answer was interrupted by his tripping over a rug. I WAS going to help him. . . or something. . . but I was stopped. Then there was a mighty "POOF" and he was gone. Such things were wont to happen in my house. With a shrug, I turned back around to my homework, not at all concerned by his unorthodox exit.

A/N: There. Done. Finally. Hope you're happy. Many thanks to Moroni for helping me with the ending. I do stink at those. Thank you for reading the story! I appreciate it, even though it is lacking in many departments. Now I feel more free to write other stuff. Yay!