These Monsters That Envelope Us

Viktor gave a shout as something grabbed at his back. He felt his shirt pulling back as something got a grip on it. It polyester material shredding as claws shredded into it. The collar tightened almost unbearably around his throat. He couldn't breathe.

He gasped for breath. His voice become strained as he called out for help in a futile attempt to survive. He reached out into the shadows ahead of him and his hand disappeared. No, it didn't disappear. It was just lost in the shadows. There were so many of them in this old hallway. So many shadows for something to be hiding in. Just like what was breathing hot breath against his neck. Just like what was drooling into his hair. Such hot drool. Way too light and thin to be human saliva.

Viktor gave one last thrust forward, knowing that if he didn't succeed this time he would die. He would be killed just like the others had been. Just like all of his dear friends and family.

His shirt tore.

Freedom! Viktor didn't waste time getting back onto his feet after falling down. He charged down the dark hallway taking the largest strides he had ever taken in his life. He was luckier than anyone else in the world at that point. He missed the overturned table by inches, his foot landed an inch in front of a child's skate, and when he actually tripped it was for the better.

The creature had caught up with him, skittering legs scratching and scratching on the floor, the wall… the ceiling. He had tripped just as the monster had lashed out at him from the ceiling. His head missed the claws by millimeters. He felt them trail through his hair and one of them tore some scalp off.

He rolled away as the monster let itself fall from ceiling and land on the fragile, wooden chair that had tripped Viktor. Splinters sprayed in every direction. The monster roared.

Viktor hadn't gotten a good look at one of those things yet. They all looked the same, that he was almost certain of, but he had never had a close encounter with one before. Well, not this close anyway. And never in the daylight when he could've seen them.

They came out during the day, sure. That's when most of the humans had been eviscerated, or eaten.

Viktor was in a hospital, in the emergency wing of that hospital to be exact. He had been searching for someone to help his little brother; a nurse, a doctor, anyone! After realizing that no one would still be around, he resigned to look for medical equipment. In the first room he had set down his sixteen year old brother, who was three years younger than him, on a hospital bed. He had went off to make a more thorough search of the hospital, and had found bodies everywhere. Hanging from light-fixtures in the walls like some psycho decorations. House-warming ornaments. They had also been lying on over-turned hospital beds, lying in broken glass on a window sill, or just dead on the floor. He could've dealt with the bodies, and the blood, if it wasn't for that smell. That noxious, stinking smell that made him puke every time he took a breath just a little too deep.

When he had returned to his brother, who had been slashed on the arm by one of those things, he had found the room empty. Since then he had been scouring the hospital in search of his brother, who he now feared dead.

He had just decided to leave the hospital, knowing his brother was dead, when that thing had leapt down on him. It had approached so fucking silently that it was horrifying. He could've seen it, but it was almost ten in Spring, the power was out, and the moon was just a sliver with only a few stars.

Anyway, the monster roared as it turned to face him. Viktor could see its outline in the shadow. He wondered if it could see him with some sort of night-vision… or heat-vision. Maybe it was heat-vision that overlapped human vision like snakes have. Snake-vision.

Its outline tuned towards him. It had a long, rough body. It had at least twenty bug-like legs, ten on each side. It had four arms, two were just scythe-like extensions. The other two were tipped with claws that slightly resembled Freddy's own claws from the "A Nightmare on Elm Street" movies. It had a tail that was swinging back and forth from its very back, beyond the three-foot bug legs. It was very long, about five feet, and probably would hurt like hell if you were whipped with it.

As if it had read Viktor's mind, it lashed out with its tail. It struck the floor less than a foot away from Viktor's face. Up close he could see that it had a very small spiked ball at its tip. That ball tore the linoleum right off the floor and powdered Viktor in dust when it retracted. Okay, it didn't have the best of vision or he'd be as dead as a door-knob.

Viktor scrambled to his feet and took off again. The roar came at his back. The skittering began again. The annoying skittering.

Viktor ran through the dark halls, the monster gaining on him all the way.

No one knew where they had come from, or where they were going for that matter. The week before everyone had woken up and they just, were. They didn't know how they had arrived. Christians feared that God had forgotten them, or that they had done something wrong. They feared that they had been left behind for the demons to feed upon. This wasn't the case. There was no religious aspect to their invasion, there had just been shear brutality.

Millions were dead in the first day, millions more the next, and billions the next. Maybe ten percent of the initial population of mankind remained now. His brother's death lowered that number just so slightly, and so would his. He knew he was going to die. He had accepted that. But he wouldn't stop running, God he needed to keep going.

The TV had gone off the first day. The radios just a couple days before now. All private stations had been shut down as the owners had been mutilated and disemboweled. The big radio stations had gone much sooner.

Howard Stern's show had gone on for a long time, never losing its hilarity. That had ended with his decapitation.

Now they were all shut off from the outside world. They hardly had any communication on the inside even!

Viktor could feel the thing drifting closer on its bug-legs. Skittering and skittering and God how annoying that was!

Down one hall, down another. Stumble here, stumble there. Full blown trip here.

Viktor scrambled into the room beside him at the last minute as the monster stabbed the floor where he had lain less than a moment beforehand with its scythe-like arm. He got into the room running in a crouch, and slammed the flimsy door behind him. It had been busted open before then. He knew it wouldn't last one hit so he ran across the room.

There was a window. A large window that was meant for a fire escape if necessary. He ran to it, yanking a metal case that contained needles on the way, and threw the case at the window. It shattered and he leapt through as the monster burst into the room, splinters and door flying everywhere.

He fell ten feet and landed lopsided. He barely avoided hitting his head on the ground, but was still in immense pain. He suspected his wrist to be broken.

It didn't matter, he needed to get away before that thing came crawling down the wall after him. He was half-way to the street when he turned and chanced a look behind himself.

The monster was descending the wall on the outside of the hospital. He could see its ten-foot long outline closing in on the ground at an insane speed. It was like a giant centipede.

Viktor looked back to where he was running and the soles of his sneakers pounded on the pavement of the street. He ran to the double yellow lines on the sharp turn of the road, and ran to his left. That was where his house was. Where he and his brother had spent the past week living alone.

He couldn't bear the thought of living completely by himself now. If he hadn't needed to go back there, he would've left it for dead. He would've left it in silence until someone came by it at some later point. He had to get his stuff though. Food, water, clothes, everything was there.

The skittering followed him for a long time, until he had leapt down a steep incline and rolled down it to the forest below faster than the over-grown centipede could crawl. He had lost the thing in the woods and then gone on home.

He ignored the bodies of Helena Robinson, Tim Robinson, Lyle Ulitae, Luke Gibson, John Jackson, and Jack Asolong. The bodies of his neighbors and friends. He and his brother, Michael, had buried their parents' bodies. And the body of their sister, Kathy had also been buried in the spacious backyard. Their gravestones had been made by shaggy twigs and branches to label their burial areas.

It was far from what a professional grave would be like, but they had to do it. They couldn't of lived without doing so.

It had been a messy business though. Their mother had been torn in half, their father's head slashed in half and his arm torn off, and their sister had been partially devoured. They had to make several trips to transport their family's body parts to the holes in the ground. It hadn't been the least sick moment of their lives to say the least.

Viktor now entered the house he had been living in for nineteen years (he had dropped out of high school and never went to college, even though he was a genius his grades didn't show a bit of that). It wasn't that he was lazy, it was just that he didn't think it necessary. He understood that it was just an opinion on whether it was necessary to graduate and get a college education, and his was that it wasn't. He thought it was imperative for humans to revert to their former selves in caves making small discoveries, such as stone and metal.

Now that would probably happen. Maybe it would. Hopefully it would. The machines were just lying around for someone to pick up and start again, but he hoped that all the people with that amount of smarts were dead. If only that were so.

He knew that wouldn't happen. He knew that the chances of all mechanics or people with any mechanical knowledge being dead was slim to none. He himself had mechanical knowledge, so that was zero chance for everyone anyway.

Viktor walked to his room in a sort of dreamy state. He laid down in his bed and fell asleep tearing at his eyes. He had failed his brother. No, not just his brother, but his mother, his father, and his sister. His brother was just the most recent failure.

As Viktor slept, a long creature crawled slowly into his room. It crawled up onto the bed, Viktor beginning to stir now. It raised its head, warm saliva dripping from it.

Viktor opened his eyes, and saw as the giant centipede creature opened its mouth wide, exposing rows and rows of sharp teeth.

Viktor screamed, and rolled out of the bed. The centipede creature came down after him.

Viktor scrambled for a gun, a sword, a knife, anything! He had put a gun in his room somewhere, he knew he did! He ran out of the creature's reach to look around as quickly as he could.

Where was it? Where was it?

The creature lashed out at him, screeching as it came.

Then Viktor found his handgun. He snatched it up, took a shaky aim, and fired a round right through the son of a bitch's head. Blood splashed against the floor, and the creature collapsed onto the floor, dead. Fucking dead!

Viktor stood there for a long time, not sure if he should rejoice, or if he should just get the fuck out of there. Leave the body behind, and get the fuck out of dodge.

He took a shaky step forward, another, another. Then he ran. Getting the fuck out of dodge was exactly what he had planned.


Hey, MorbidMan here. I was debating whether or not to put this in with my compilation of horror stories, but then I decided to make it stand on its own as a multiple chapter story. Well, it's ten o'clock now, I haven't done my homework (well, I can't now since I lost my backpack somewhere), and I should probably be looking for it now. My cousin has another story up now, it's called "Final School". Could you people check that out for him? Great.

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