Chapter Three: Nice Fucking Life

Babbers was her nickname. Amber Benwich was her real name. She was twenty - six years old. She was now cowering in a corner of her very dark room. It was midnight and the only light came from the sliver of a moon in the starless sky. Why there were no stars was mind boggling. No artificial lights were shining, there was no fire, and the stars were always out when there wasn't much light, right?

Apparently no.

Apparently no?

Yes sir; apparently no.

Babbers was gripping her hair so tightly that it was hurting her scalp. She didn't care. In fact, she gripped her hair even tighter. Her eyes were bloodshot and her skin was stretched very tightly around her face. She looked insane and underfed. She didn't know about the insane part-she worried about it, but wasn't certain-but she was certain that she was highly underfed.

The town which she suspected she was the last human being occupying had been completely demolished by those strange, centipede - like creatures. Her family had been filleted alive by those things. Amber was grateful she hadn't been around when that had happened. She had seen enough when one of those things had disemboweled Marc, this guy she had been fucking at the time.

Suddenly there was a clicking sound in the distance. She had grown accustomed to that sound and knew well what it was. The centipede mutations were near. A good mile or two away, that was it.

"Such a nice fucking life," Amber muttered and then gripped her hair even tighter, clenching her teeth at the pain that brought on. There was a sound other than the clicking. A better sound. But it was a hallucination. It was her mind playing tricks on her and nothing else.

She had been completely alone for weeks now. Malnutrition and drought-what little water she had gotten was from the constant rain showers that had been drenching the area-had taken their toll and she knew that if it came to fighting her way out of the house she would die. She would never win a fight with one of those creatures, especially in this state.

The clicking was growing closer. It's amazing what you can hear when there's nothing to hear. The creatures were probably less than half a mile away now. She wondered how many there were. One? Two? Three? Four - hundred? It didn't really matter. Even if it was just one, if that one found her she'd be dead. No 'ifs', 'ands', or 'buts' about it.

The clicking was closer now and she knew it was less than a dozen of those things, but more than one. It got tricky estimating how many there were just judging from the clicking noises their feet made on the pavement.

Then she realized that other noise she had thought was a hallucination was real. This revelation made her jerk upwards and stand up, not caring how much noise she made in the least. That sound. It was something she had heard all of the time back before these creatures had come. It was a sound that she had never thought she'd be so happy to hear.

It was a helicopter's blades chopping at the surrounding air. And the helicopter was getting close.

Amber looked out the window, heedless of the fact that the creatures were so close they could see her through its glass, and looked up into the sky. The noise of the helicopter was deafening. That was because the helicopter was lowering down to the street that was between the two aisles of buildings.

A man was leaning out of the helicopter's open door with a machine gun. This man was clothed in combat armor that looked similar to the armor that the marines used in that movie about the banana - head, black aliens with acid for blood.

Then light was flaring at the muzzle of the machine gun. Amber clapped her hands to her ears to muffle the noise which blasted above the helicopter amazingly enough. No, it wasn't the gun blasts that were making that unbelievably loud noise; it was the centipedes' screeches of pain. It was unbelievable.

It was so loud that even the arrival of a second helicopter went unnoticed. It was so high that the windows were shattering all around. If the noise were just a little bit higher no human would be able to hear it.

A second gunner joined in the killing spree. A third. A fourth.

The screeching stopped suddenly and Amber relaxed. The creatures were dead. She looked up with a smile, which abruptly turned itself upside down as her eyes widened. The helicopters were leaving.

"NO!" she protested. "DON'T YOU FUCKING DARE LEAVE!"

She looked around quickly and found her stress - relief stone. It had a little dip in it that you rubbed to calm yourself down. She ran back to the window and chucked it as hard as she could at the first gunner she saw. It hit him right in the head hard enough to get his attention. He scanned quickly and spotted Amber waving her arms frantically in the shattered window of her bedroom.

Blood was running down her arm. She hadn't realized she had cut herself.

The gunner acted quickly to prevent the pilot from taking off. Instead they landed on the street after motioning for the girl to go down and meet them. Amber nodded.

She then turned and ran out of her bedroom. Then out of her apartment-which cost two - hundred bucks more than the hundred it was worth for monthly rent-and into the hall outside that she hadn't been in for days upon days.

The elevator was out, so she would have to walk down five floors' worth of stairs to get to the ground floor. Which sucked, but it could be worse. She didn't really care; she was only ecstatic that she was about to be taken away by army personnel. It was a goddamned pure fucking miracle.

She burst into the stairwell with her eyes moistening in glee. She took the stairs two at a time and got down two flights of stairs (walking down cautiously mind you; there was virtually no light in the room) before stopping.

"No," she muttered under her breath. "No. No."

She tried to deny it. It wasn't happening. It was okay. She would make it down the stairs and to the soldiers. Nothing could stop her.

But the rapid clicking following her down the stairs told a different story with without a happy ending.

Amber didn't even look behind her before sprinting full on down the stairs. The clicking became more rapid. She didn't dare look behind her. Not even when she heard a low - pitched roar soar down at her. How could they make such high sounds, yet such low sounds?

It seemed like she would make it all the way down OK. It seemed alright, that she would outrun that ungodly creature. Then she landed on her ankle at an awkward ankle, sending a wave of pain upwards that nearly made her black out. She wondered if it was broken.

Then she fell forward and started a long fall down a stair case. It ended with her slamming into a wall two stories above the ground floor. She looked upwards, blood seeping from her split lip and palm, which still had the chunk of glass that had cut it embedded inside of it, and saw the creature descending the stairs and ripping through the shadows like some vision of hell.

"STAY AWAY!" she screamed to no avail. "STOP!"

If only she had turned with the staircase and kept falling. Perhaps she could've gotten away. She saw in her mind's eye her body being torn limb from limb like Marc's. Her intestines spilling out in a spray of blood and her eyes popping out of their sockets and being crushed to create an outpour of strange jelly.

None of that happened. She was damn lucky that it didn't.

The creature hovered above her for a moment or so, considering her. Amber didn't know or care what it was thinking about, but she was grateful that it was thinking. Time was good. She needed time.

She was about to roll over and start another fall when the creature suddenly retracted and charged up the stairs, its tail flashing behind it. Then it was swallowed up by the shadows. The clicking stopped and all that could be heard was Amber's harsh breathing.

Wondering what had just happened would require too much brain power. It was better to just crawl down the stairs like she proceeded to do.

At the bottom of the long flight of stairs she continued to crawl to the exit.

Outside the soldiers with the marine - like armor waited, the remnants of eight of those centipede things lying around them, and waited quietly. Guns at the ready, aimed at all of the shadows that something just might burst out of to kill them.

Six minutes of waiting and they were ready to take off when Amber limped out into the street, bleeding from her palm and lip profusely. And then she fainted.

The soldiers loaded her into the helicopter and took off. There was a base close by full of two dozen helicopters, ten pilots, and thirty soldiers. Their orders were to scout for survivors and kill all of the creatures they came across.

Viktor had run across one of these teams not a day ago while Amber, also known as "Babbers", had slept in that very same corner of her room, gripping her hair and slowly descending into a strange sort of insanity.


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