Do you ever wonder what it would be like to begin again?
To erase all traces of past mistakes, triumphs and failures.
To wipe the slate clear and just begin again with the new one,
A new plan.
A new life.
It has gone through everyone's mind, mines more than often,
For a short minute moment I bypass reality
And let fantasy set in, the sweet bliss of my over hyperactive subconscious
In which I turn to ever so often, sometimes more than I ought to.

To begin again what would that be like?
To forget your friends
My family
my love
my hate
my past
my currently set future

Would it be heaven
Middle earth
What would it be like
Would it affect time
Alter the current reality beyond my altered state

So many questions
So many if's.
And soon the thought comes to play is it worth all the questions and stress
Is it worth all the what's and if's.
Is the gain worth all the pain of the loss suffered?

Is it worth my life, my time, my pain, if I were to simply cease to be and
Begin again.
Expect some happy stuff coming being posted by me soon at least 1 or 2.

Apollo X