A kiss can be planned or spontaneous
It can be good or bad, sometimes both
It can be the beginning or the end!

Why is so much placed on that one little act
Why is it that, this one act can make you
Squirm in disgust or make you jump for joy.

Does anyone ever stop to wonder about a kiss
A kiss shared with another, are we giving a part of ourselves
Or are we taking a part of that other person into us, maybe
It's both you never know.

And how is this kiss supposed to be delivered to be
Considered true,
In the middle of a sentence
A spur of the moment, should it be asked of the person
Should it be planned, choreographed, what?

A kiss is a kiss to some
And a kiss is the world to others
Before you kiss someone remember you are ultimately
Entrusting yourself to that person
And weather something should develop after
That kiss, solely depends on that kiss and that kiss alone.

So tell me is a kiss simply a kiss
Or is it much more than we tend to realize?

Is a kiss simply a kiss,
You tell me!

This one is dedicated to my first kiss.
It's not as depressing as the others
Yet it gives you something to think about.
Apollo X