I wish I were an astronaut, the first in fact to land on the moon
and hold the American flag up high in the air and be known as the
first woman on the moon
I wish I were a gymnist, standing at the highest podium where
I will soon recieve my gold medal, the audience roaring
I wish I were the best soccer player in the US, shouting and
screaming on the soccer field after dominating the opposing team
I wish I were an actress, just recieving her first academy award
given to her by Harrison Ford
I wish I could run a 6 minute mile, winning first place in my P.E. class I wish I could be a whiz at math, so that my teacher could see how
smart I really am
I wish the world weren't full of crime, and hate, and drugs, and rape
and murder
I wish the world had more love, and more respect for everyone
But most important of all...
I wish the world would accept me as who I am.

A/N: I was feeling sort of down when I wrote this poem, I know it's kind of confusing and not well written because I wrote it at midnight, but all reviews are welcome!