Kori's dance class was not all too bad. At least, not as bad as she thought it would be. Having taken no dance lessons since the age of four, the girl didn't hope to do any good at it. Now, 5 months after she had first stepped into the studio, she was an object of aspiration for the newly-joined dancers. Kori was respected. Kori was mimicked. Kori was looked up to.

...The girls got on the bus together. It turned out Kori and the beginners lived in the same neighborhood. The ladies started chatting around with their newfound idol. "How long have you been taking dance? Do you practice a lot? Where do you live, anyway? What school do you go to?.." Kori felt she should probably be pleased getting all this attention, but it was making her somewhat uncomfortable and nervous. She could sense people around her listening to their conversation. Kori wasn't at peace with strangers hearing things about her. She was getting the feeling of being spied after.

And that one guy's stare was really making her paranoid. He was... he was obviously staring at Kori! The girl turned around to convince herself she was mistaken, but met the same attentively-inquiring stare and jerked her head right back.

The guy's look made Kori be quite untalkative with her fresh co-dancers. The girl just couldn't answer casually knowing the bold stranger was deliberately absorbing every word she said. He wasn't even trying to hide it. Kori realized she was possibly losing an opportunity to make friends with the girls who obviously admired her, but couldn't make herself ignore that pair of eyes aimed at her.

When the girls had finally got off the bus and parted until the next practice, Kori was happy to be left alone with her thoughts. Unconsciously she threw one final glance at the departing bus. The young man was still watching Kori, a confident smile of triumph on his face. Now Kori was getting mad! How dare he look at her like he knows something she doesn't! The fellow didn't even bother to mask his would-be omniscience. Whatever he was up to, this guy didn't have the right to disturb Kori like that.