"...So you two had been dating for - what, half a year? - then", Yaril asked. He was sitting beside Kori in a small fast food cafe, his demeanor back to sarcastically-relaxed the way it was when Kori first saw him on the bus.

"A little longer than that. It was obvious our relationship was dying when he took that picture. Nothing really happened, but I felt there was no connection between us anymore. He was so much into photography and underground philosophy and I was searching for... a meaning to all of that, like, where am I gonna take my life? Am I freaking you out yet?" she added, glancing up at Yaril with a gentle smile on her face.

"No, I think I know what you mean," he replied seriously.

"Anyway, some days after this shot was taken, I knew we were going nowhere, so I told Ronnie it was over".

"That's pretty usual, though. What makes you so uneasy about it?"

"Well, listen. A week after we break up, Ronnie goes to some party with his camera. Very nice. He finishes the roll there and feels a sudden urge to develop it. Very well indeed. So he rushes to his car (and the time was ten-something PM!) and takes off for the closest mall. Perfectly fine. But he meets another crazy driver on his way, crashes and dies. OK then..."

"I wouldn't say it's that OK," Yaril started, but didn't finish because of the painful stare Kori had aimed at him, "Sorry, I didn't mean to say that".

"Anyhow... The film must have been found with him, but, as far as I understand, it never got developed. I don't see how it could possibly have come to your drummer".

"We can always ask him about it," Yaril stated hopefully.