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Chapter One ~Lies


"Two days, sir?! That's hardly enough time to get efficient equipment let alone my men prepared! This battle wasn't expected to be for another ten days!" Commander Satara (age 21: 5ft9") said as she punched the wall.
"I understand your Distress Commander Satara, but there is no excuse for the situation of your unit. It's true that we predicted this battle to be farther in the future, but you were still warned to be ready for anything. Were you not?"
*What is he trying to get at?
Satara stared at the Commander-in-Chief, Jecht. He returned her glare with blazing silver eyes. The tension in the room was unbearable and Satara was the first to look away.
Jecht watched as her as her hair fell in front of her eyes concealing the anger that danced across their green surface. He observed Satara's clenched fist and the struggle to calm herself down enough to force the reply, "Yes sir."
"Satara! This is it! This is the fight that could end the war! I need unit 207 out there fighting and you know that!" Jecht saw the doubt that played across Satara's face. *Shit! This isn't working! I need another approach. "You know of course for whom I speak. And I'm sure you understand that if you don't follow my orders, you will be charged with treason."

Outside the conference tent the guard shifted uneasily, his mind racing. *Jecht never calls rank on anyone. He even hates speaking in the emperor's name. What makes Commander Satara so different that he does just that? Dustin didn't like was wrong.
"Excuse ME!"
Dustin looked up. He hadn't realized that someone had approached him. "Can I help you sir?"
"Yes actually you can. I was hoping to speak with Commander-in-Chief Jecht, so if you could just step aside."There was a hint of charm in the man's voice that made Dustin want to do whatever he said.
Dustin sized the man over. He was a dark looking character with scraggly black hair. This man towered over Dustin's own 6ft2" and he had very well defined muscles. As Dustin looked at the man he couldn't help but think that something was wrong. But what? *The eyes! Dustin stared at the man's eyes. *They , that's impossible! No one has that color eyes. And they are, as black as black can be, and almost blacker. Dustin began to get the feeling that the man could see right through him, right into his soul. He began to move out of the way to let the man in but then it hit him. He didn't like this man anymore then he liked the way Jecht was acting. With that whatever hold the man had on him left and Dustin manage to say, "I'm sorry sir, but Jecht is with Commander Satara at the moment. If you would just wait a bit I'm sure." The man's eye's looked confused for a moment but they were quickly replaced with anger.
"Maybe I wasn't clear enough. I need to speak to Jecht now!" The man's voice lost all its charm and his eyes flashed dangerously.
Dustin was losing his temper. "I maybe you didn't understand me, sir. The Commander-in-chief is busy with someone else at this time!"
"I don't care if the Emperor himself is in there! Let me through!" Dustin never saw the punch that landed him in the stomach.

Satara scowled.
She hated that word. It was because of that word that she lost some of her finest soldiers. This word, this one word, changed everything. "Two days sir?"
Jecht looked Satara over. She was just what this army needed. She knows how to control her unit and she's a good planer. Sure, she sometimes makes rash decisions, but then, who didn't? She's an excellent fighter and she carried a weapon for every occasion. *Let's see now, two particle blasters, three hidden knives, five grenades, and one energy sword. Not to mention that she probably had some finger bombs handy. "Yes, she's perfect."
"What was that?"
"Nothing." Satara mouthed a silent 'oh' to this.
The tent flap flew open and the limp form of Dustin collapsed forward, followed by a man that Satara recalled being at the Conference of Commanders. Satara made as if to challenge the man, who was now standing in front of Dustin's body, when Jecht waved her off. She looked at him questionably, "Sir?"
"Ah, yes. Satara, this is Leon from the Tascawan Tribe. He's a... How should I say this.a fighter for higher? He's working undercover for us to intercept enemy information. He's the reason we know attack dates."
Leon reached over to shake Satara's hand. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Commander Satara."
Satara made no move to shake Leon's hand. "Charmed, I'm sure." Then she turned towards Jecht and said in a quite voice, "Are you sure we can trust his, sir? I mean he is ." These words were spat with disgust, "He's loyal to no one."
Dustin moaned.
Satara sauntered over to him, never taking her eyes off of Leon. Leon, noticing that he was the center of Satara's attention, smiled at her. Then, without flinching, he looked at Jecht. The two traded knowing glances. Jecht was first to speak. "Satara, I need you to go to Crossroads Hold and spread word of the upcoming attack. Afterwards you can prepare you men." At this Leon opened his mouth as if to interrupt, but thought better of it.
"Very well." Satara sighed. She was hoping to get some extra training in with her unit but that didn't seem possible now. She helped Dustin to his feet. She noted the way he was hunched over, how he was favoring his stomached, and concluded that he had been 'gutted,' as the phrase went. Then turning her frown upon Leon, she said, "I suggest that you watch who you're attacking in the future, soldier, we wouldn't want someone to mistake you for the enemy, now would we."
Leon winced at the cold apathy in Satara's voice, and then watched as she stalked out of the tent with Dustin staggering behind. Leon turned to face Jecht after Satara was gone. "I assume that I am to follow her after our little discussion?"
Jecht nodded. "We can't afford to have her ruin this plan now. It's true she would be a valuable addition to our mission but she walks a dangerous line. I really hate wasting good material, but if worst comes to worst, kill her."

Dustin had to jog to keep up with Satara's quick pace. He almost hit Satara when she stopped abruptly in front of the camp for unit 207. "I have a favor to ask you Dustin."
"In five minutes I want all of unit 207 assembled in front of my tent." Satara gave no notice to the quizzical look Dustin was giving her. As she walked off, Dustin shook his head and set to work on his task.


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