Night and Day
Silence and what I say
Mix and cross
Wasted are my reasons; toss
To the fire burned
My life was turned
Around on that night I slept
In the abysmal depth
But now in the day light hour
I stare and think about that tower
Of phantasm fantasies
Full of those blasphemies
Was it some lost memory?
Some long forgotten story
I had overlooked in my library mind
This thought troubled me and was not kind
Lingered in my head for days on end
And no release did the heavens send
Were you all a dream?
Nothing real just an illusion it does seem
My mind's at war it happens to be
Everything torn apart within me
Are you something?
Or were you nothing?
A fantastic dream I once had
Which the longer I ponder makes me sad
Or were you real and not a figment
Of my imagination and true pigment
Something I can grasp within my hands
Flesh and bones that make stands
Maybe a handful of mist
As the thought came, a tear fell to my wrist
For if that were true, I would be lonely forever
Lost among the plains of Never
My mind thinks
While my heart slowly sinks
Down into a pit
Every time a teardrop hit
My wrist, now all wet with tears
Mind and heart stalked by fears
That you are only a dream and nothing more
I wish my mind bore
One fact that made you real
Something that I can grasp; feel
Hold you tight
Each and every night
While the moon raises and does shine
I know that you were mine
Someone I could hold on to
And that someone's you