I see you sitting there
Pretty smile spread on your face
Oblivious to the world around you
Only seeing what's on the surface
Eyes jaded over with selfishness
Lost in your room of fantasy
No depth to your soul
Stop playing and let it go
Are you so deep as you think you are?
No, I don't think so
You still keep around your dolls
What makes you love their lies,
Their false shield of comfort,
Is it because you can't wipe away their smiles?
You're just a child
A wasteful pitying child
Locked up in your imagination
Shocked when reality sets in
Guess what, child,
This is the real world
No toys to hide amongst here
Kiss up to your elders, no
We aren't going to help you anymore
You're on your own now
We still love you, sure
We just don't care enough to show
Walk on your own
Speak for yourself
Learn to see through your blind eyes
Yeah, 'cause only the strong survive
And right now,
Right this imagined second,
You're not one of the strong ones
And you're going to die like that, pitiful
It's time for you
For all of your friends, the dolls
Time for all of the children
To grow up