The Mysterious Dreams…
Two girls with the same face existed in two different worlds. They had been dreaming of each other.
Hika was a normal girl in the modern world, "Why am I dreaming of a princess who looks like me? Are those memories of my past life?"
Kari was a princess in another world called Aurora, "I've been dreaming of that girl's everyday life, but I don't know why..."

The Inevitable Switch…
During a time of emotional stress, the two girls switched places with each other.
Hika was shocked, "I'm inside my dream? Have I become Kari?! How? Why?"
Kari was confused, "I'm now Hika in my dream. What should I do? How can I wake up?"
Was this just an imagination? Were they in each other's dream, or were they living each other's life?

This was where their adventures began…


It was a night full of distress, unendurable pain, and torturous deaths. The cloudless sky was crimson, reflecting a castle below that was engulfed in the fires of hell. The atmosphere was filled with the pungent smell of blood and ashes, emanating from the castle. Screams, yells, cries and other undistinguishable noises mingled to form a sound that could only possibly come from the sufferings of inferno. Men, women, and children ran out of the castle in all directions. Some bumped into each other; others tripped. No one cared where they were going as they ran over the ones on the ground and made their way through. Their common goal was to reach safety, which seemed impossible for them at the moment as the unnatural fire gradually consumed them.

Inside the burning castle, a mage was sprinting furiously along a deserted hallway. His long gray hair trailed behind him frantically as he ran. In his arms was a baby, who was crying wildly, distraught about the uncomfortable surrounding. Following the mage's wake was the raging flame. The flame turned everything it touched into ashes instantly as it passed by. Inch by inch, the flame was gaining on the mage.

I must save her, or else..., the mage thought as he finally reached a large wooden door. He threw himself against the door, and landed on the soft grass of the courtyard outside. Quickly, he picked himself up, and dashed to the middle of the courtyard. Holding his wand with one hand and the baby with the other, he drew a magic circle on the ground. The enraged flame burst out of the wooden door, burning the grass along its path as it approached the mage.

Standing in the middle of the magic circle, the mage started to chant an incantation. As he finished the spell, he prayed, "Please lead us to safety, Goddess Aurora. Please send us to a place out of this darkness."

The flame had reached the magic circle surrounding the mage. Suddenly, a column of white light pieced through the crimson sky, and shot down towards the mage and the baby. As the flame finally swallowed the very spot they were standing, the two disappeared within the light.

To be continued….

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