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Information on The Legend of Aurora:

Places (in alphabetical order):

Note: The chapter number signifies the first time that the location is mentioned in the story.

Aurora (Ch 2): the other world

Brodrim (Ch 6): Country of the Unicornians

Dameiros (Ch 14): Westernmost city of Prestorda

Hevinol (Ch 10): Country of the harpies

Kaleirus (Ch 9): Country of the elves

Mannelivar (Ch 26): Village in Prestorda, some distance away from Dameiros

Prestorda (Ch 1): Country of King Marius, Kari, Helen

Trestinna (Ch 1): Country of Sorin, Sterling

-(B) (K)
(T) (P) (H)
-(-) (-)

Characters (in alphabetical order):

Note: The chapter number signifies the character's first appearance in the story.

Ardal (Ch 27): an lieutenant under Taisto

Avitius (Ch 4): one of the Great Mage of Aurora

Bahram (Ch 6): a general in Prestorda, one who helps Kari

Bibi/Bibiana (Ch 26): a little girl Hika met in Mannelivar

Cadfan (Ch 5): Captain of Prestordian Imperial Guards

Dana (Ch 26): Bibi's mother

Dugald (Ch 5): Head Minister of Prestorda

Elrond (Ch 6): Head Mage of Prestorda

Fulvio (Ch 6): a general in Prestorda, one of Dugald's man

Galen (Ch 12): King of Trestinna

Gareth (Ch 26): a villager in Mannelivar

Haul (Ch 3): Hika's tutor on Earth

Helen (Ch 1): Kari's maid

Hika (Ch 1): a normal girl on Earth

Ilker (Ch 9): a lieutenant under Cadfan

Jetta (Ch 10): a maid that help out Helen

Kari (Ch 1): Princess of Prestorda

KM8 (Ch 29): Killing Machine No. 8, under Quidel and evil sorcerer

KM9 (Ch 13): Killing Machine No. 9, under Quidel and evil sorcerer

Lenard (Ch 16): a lieutenant under Bahram

Lagina (Ch 12): Queen of Trestinna

Marius (Ch 1): King of Prestorda

Nevan (Ch 12): Head Mage of Trestinna

Paloma (Ch 5): Riccardo's daughter

Quidel (Ch 13): Trainer of killing machines, under evil sorcerer

Reddie (Ch 5): Red dragon

Riccardo (Ch 5): a healer in Trestinna

Rowina (Ch 1): Hika's mother on Earth

Selene (Ch 1): Hika's best friend

Sorin (Ch 2): Prince of Trestinna

Sterling (Ch 2): Personal knight of Sorin

Taisto (Ch 16): a captain under Fulvio

Tarmo (Ch 26): one of the villagers in Mannelivar

Theron (Ch 9): Dugald's secretary

Tia (Ch 26): Dana's adopted daughter

Valko (Ch 1): a rebel

Yaron (Ch 1): a rebel

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