Do you remember
The day you died?
The sun was gone
The moon had sighed
The trees, they wept
They pitied your soul
The flowers screamed
Death swallowed you whole
The train went on
It didn't know
But that didn't matter
It never slowed
In your lifetime
Nobody cared
No one helped you
Everyone stared
Your siblings hated you
Your mother wasn't there
Your father left you
He didn't care
Your teachers regarded you
As stupid and plain
All your classmates
Thought you were insane
Until you met me
You were alone
Lost in a world
With a sigh and a moan
But the two of us
We were the same
Trying to manage
In life's crazy game
No one cared for me
The same they did you
So we worked together
Started anew
Not quite happy
But we were okay
We did all right
Until that day
With a store's
Stolen razor knife
I couldn't take anymore
So I took my life
You couldn't stand it
The suffering, the pain
Always standing alone
Lost in the rain
Night after the beating
You ran away from home
Bruised, bloody, broken
To the country you roamed
That's were you heard it
The train coming through
And with a sad smile
You knew it was the end of you
No chickening out
You stood on the tracks
You closed your eyes
There was no turning back
And when the train hit you
You didn't scream
You just breathed in deeply
Waited to start your dream
So now you are here
With me by your side
We can be together
Us two suicides
And the good lord
Shook his head at our sin
But he kindly greeted us
Brought us back home again
So now do you see?
Though it's hard for some
It's here in this place
Here you are welcome