Chapter one

As Kelsey glided down he got a long glimpse of the beautiful city from the side of the building. He normally sat up on the top of the tower watching the humans scurry around like little ants. Rushing to get to their works and their places of service. They lived in a world of occulted groups of people. Only one leader. Whom they did not understand that was ruling their lives.

Kelsey landed both feet on the ground, instincts like a cat, his vision sharper because of the dark. His trench coat fell behind him with a light swoosh.

|| There you are Kelsey. I was getting worried about you. || A gothic women appeared out of the dark. Her long braded jacket fell over her bare legs and her leather boots made that funny noise when she walked.

She had others following her and she was always aware of what they were doing. She raises a hand up and they stopped abruptly. Kelsey stood in his spot frozen to the concrete. The tall women walked to Kelsey and ran a finger across his chin. He pulled away with an enraged look on his face.

||Don't touch me old woman. || To anyone's appearance she wasn't old. She was young and beautiful. Her skin was soft and a pure white tint.

She pulled away from him and pulled out a small capsule of a dark blue liquid. She pivoted on her left foot and turned to face the two others behind her.

|| Im sure you know what this is Kelsey. Here's what I am going to do. If you don't get rid of her I will. || The woman paused and turned back to look at him. || I am positive you know what I am talking about||

||I know exactly what your talking about and I will not do it. She doesn't have to suffer on this oblivious earth for long, why would she want to if I made didn't do it ||

|| Its better for you. || She walked up to Kelsey and looked at him in the eyes. She saw the pain and she predicted the future in him. || Your reputation is horrid at the castle. You need to come back. You know that if you stay out there too long you will eventually...|| Kelsey interrupted her.

|| I will die. I know their vicious people. I am not a child anymore. I know that you are much older than me but don't think you are watching out for me because your not. ||

The woman turned from the distant position that she was pacing at the time and slashed Kelsey across the face with a double-edged razor blade.

|| You will do it, Kelsey. And if you don't, your precious human will die and be no more. Don't make me do that to you Kelsey. ||

|| Fine you want her gone I will make her gone, as a human. ||

At that moment, Kelsey leaped up and thrashed his way through dark fog clouds and leaped large extents over buildings, before the old woman said anything.

He steadied himself in the middle of the street of a human neighborhood. His senses kicked in and knew that the girl was home because he could smell the sweet sent of her perfume. He paced himself slowly up to her window and scratched at the glass with his long black nails. His glossy hair fell in his face at the nose and his black eyes looked around. He waited patiently.

The window opened slowly and another gothic girl appeared through the windowsill.

|| Kelsey. I thought you were never coming. || she opened the window wider for him.

She sat her slender body down on the bed with black sheets and she lit the dark blue candles on her dresser.

She turned her head and her beautiful brown hair fell in her eyes. Kelsey pulled his long slender hand up to her face and brushed it away.

|| Adele I need to tell you something. And if you agree with me we can be together forever but you have to promise me something. Will you? ||

||Of course Kelsey what is it? Just tell me. || She was anxious to hear what he had to say.

||Well since your roommates are here, could we go somewhere else? ||

||Yeah, sure. ||

Kelsey sat next to her and they started to talk about everything that they usually did. The black night fell over the sky leaving a harsh jagged skyline and he knew exactly why. That was his warning.

||Adele, I know that this may be hard for you to believe but if you want to be with me you have to believe me. ||

|| What is it Kelsey? ||

||Adele, im a... well... im a vampire. Im sorry I didn't tell you before. But now they are telling me that if I don't kill you that I will not be able to live anymore. ||

Adele's face went pale fast and he slowly grabbed her wrist to check her pulse. It was slowly beating to him and he could tell that she was in shock.

|| I knew I would have to do this. || He mumbled to himself.

He took a hold of Adele's head and cradled it in his hands and he sunk his teeth into her neck. The sensation rushed through him as a large flame ignited inside of him. He suck her blood till she was close to death and he pulled back from her. With his long black tongue he licked the two puncture marks in her neck and he turned her face to him. She was more aware now and the pigment in her skin began to fade. The color in her eyes dripped down slowly and her eyes became to look like a hollow black hole.

||Adele? Can you hear me? ||

||Yes, what happened Kelsey? I blacked out. ||

|| I know you are going to be doing that for the next couple of periods. It's okay though you are going to stay with me forever. ||

|| I am Kelsey? Okay maybe I should go and get some clothes. ||

Kelsey chuckled at her. ||No there isn't any need to. You wont need those earthly things. ||