Chapter 3

Kelsey stormed into the night and followed the scented tracks. He could smell her sweet perfume as he waited at the stop sign for her. He heard her footsteps, they thumped in his ears. They had stopped abruptly and were very quiet.

Kelsey leaped from his crouched position and went to find her, he figured in his mind that she had passed out from the bodily changes.

He found her lying on the ground on her side. He fell to his knees and began to chant in her ears.

|| Adele? || He spoke to her after a few chants || Adele, why dose your soul run from its destiny. You belong with me for our lifetime. You belong to me. I made you like me out of no choice. ||

|| She's never going to understand your ways of thinking. She will never understand what you did to her. She will never forgive you. || The familiar voice came from behind him. He stood up in defense and pulled out a dagger. || Lower your defense Kelsey. It's only the empress. You know me. ||

|| Im not quite sure of that one but im not going to let my guard down. You might kill me too. ||

|| You got what you wanted didn't you Kelsey? She will be with you forever. Isn't that what you wanted? If I kill her I will be the bad guy. || As she said that Kelsey glanced behind him, slowly turning his body making his shirt ruffle up around the waist.

|| Kelsey why didn't you just let her go. Let her realize that she can't live on the streets, and then she would come crawling back to you. ||

|| Because im not like you, I don't let people suffer like you let me. || Kelsey walked around Adele and picked her up and held her in his arms. || I don't want her to suffer. I don't want her to have to go through the same things I went through to get here. She doesn't deserve it. ||

||Kelsey, you going to have to let her go you know she wont want to stay with you forever. She was once human; she thinks you're the bad guy now. You're not that Kelsey that she once knew. ||

|| I will find a way to make her believe me. There has to be a way. ||

Kelsey started to carry her back to the castle.

A tall figure stepped out of the darkness. Taunting his eyes, it moved quickly making his paranoia work faster against him. Kelsey stopped dead in the middle of the street as the figure weaved in and out of his sight, when the figure had noticed Kelsey it finally stopped. The figure small and measly from far away began to walk towards him getting larger and extremely larger each step it too.

When the figure finally made it to Kelsey it was nine feet tall and towered over Kelsey.

It showed its arm to Kelsey and looked into his eyes. The Eptal glowed red on its arm. The fierce green eyes of the monster made Kelsey's heart pump faster in his chest. He could hear the monster's breathing from the distance that they were away from each other and its smell was familiar.

In return Kelsey showed his arm to the monster and he looked at it with concern.

Its rough voice finally spoke out of the shadowy figure || Is she all right? || A long slender arm came out of the dark and Kelsey noticed that the arm was clean of any bodily hair. The fingernails on the mysterious hand were a pure white tint and he also noticed that they were woman's hands.

|| No she's been outside for too long. She needs shelter. She needs blood. || Kelsey said to the strange figure.

|| All right follow me and bring her with you. ||

The tall figure led Kelsey underneath the city and to the abandoned train stations. When the dull lights came Kelsey put on his hood to his trench coat and he covered Adele with a black scarf that he kept with him on cold nights that he received often.

The figure invited Kelsey into a train cart.

|| Set her over there and cover her up. She will get cold fast if she is unconscious. || The figure turned its body around and took of it trench to reveal another short coat. It eased that one off too, to reveal to Kelsey a black backless dress. As it turned to face Kelsey its long hair fell to its sides. The monster was a beautiful woman her beautiful brown hair caught every angle of the light and it covered the deep dipped front showing a lot of cleavage.

Her fierce green eyes looked at Kelsey and questioned his thoughts.

|| What is going on with her. What happened? ||

|| Well she was once a human. ||

|| That would explain why she doesn't smell like you. || The figure turned to a standing chest on the farthest wall and pulled out blue syrup in a little capsule. || You have to rub that on her neck and her chest. If you don't she will still become conscious but she will still remember what went on. ||

|| So if I rub this on her, she'll forget what happened? So she still thinks a human? ||

|| No, her mind is already as a vampire, as too, her body. You rub this syrup on her body it will wake her in a matter of hours and she will forget she was ever human. To her she would have been a vampire forever. ||

Kelsey pulled down the covers and opened her shirt. Exposing her bare breast to the air. The monster had turned around to the sight of her chest. He was hesitant and thought for a second of all the ways that doing this could affect her memory. He opened up the capsule and the quick release fumes came out to form a blue butterfly. Beautiful in its many ways, it faded into the tunnel air.

|| You might want to hurry or she'll catch the chills. ||

|| She'll heal fast, that's what we do. ||

Kelsey poured the blue syrup in his hands and began to message it into the skin. The friction created a heat that made it easier for him to breathe and he could tell it did the same for her too.

He rubbed it into the soft skin of her neck and the smooth skin of her breasts. When it was gone, he buttoned up her shirt and covered her again.

|| Thank you. ||

|| She should wake up in a few hours; all you have to do is sit and wait. ||

|| All right. My name is Kelsey. This is Adele. || He said pointing to Adele on the couch.

|| I am Leona. This is where I live. I am a trans. ||

|| What is a trans? ||

|| A trans is someone who is much like a human but also is a vampire, more human than vampire. ||