Grace sat at the bar while jotting down notes about Front Lines, noting their extremely talented lead singer, who unlike many other rock stars, sang with emotion thick in his voice and his heart on his sleeve. Every so often Catherine would glance over her shoulder and try to read her review, until Grace, thoroughly annoyed, turned around and exclaimed, "Would you quit reading over my shoulder? You, like everyone else, will have to read the article when it comes out!"

Catherine sheepishly smiled. "Sorry. I'm just curious about what you're writing. There've only been a few articles about them and I'm excited to see them in the New York Post. You know, Sibling Love." Catherine winked.

Grace laughed at Catherine's embarrassed voice before turning back towards the stage and watching Front Lines perform an encore.

The lead singer, Gabe, spoke into the microphone, exclaiming, "You kids having fun tonight?"

A cheer went up through the crowds as they screamed for Gabe, most of them ignoring the other members of the band though they were equally attractive and talented as the teenage girls screamed out in their high pitched voices ,"We love you Gabe!"

Grace shivered when Gabe laughed, his voice deep and masculine, equally as sexy as his tight fitting shirt which clearly displayed his very male and toned body as his body swayed gently with the bass guitar as it played a light melody .

"Love ya'll too! Great! This is our last song tonight and it's a new one. I just wrote this a couple days ago so I hope you'll enjoy! This song is a really personally song for me and when I sing it, it seems as though I'm singing it for myself and soul. It's about loneliness and being forgotten in this world that's filled some much shallowness." Gabe said, the happiness clearly draining from his eyes to only be replaced with glazy eyes.

She watched as Gabe, who had sometime during the show switched his acoustic guitar for an electric one, handed his red electric guitar to a tech for his blue Taylor, though now Grace's eyes were set solely on the beautiful guitar.

Going solo for the encore song, Grace watched Gabe close his beautiful eyes as he sang in a harmonious voice.

I wish I had what I needed

To be on my own

'Cause I feel so defeated

And I'm feeling alone

And it all seems so helpless

And I have no plans

I'm a plane in the sunset

With no where to land

And all I see

It could never make me happy

And all my sand castles

Spend their time collapsing

Let me know that You hear me

Let me know Your touch

Let me know that You love me

And let that be enough

It's my birthday tomorrow

No one here could know

I was born this Thursday

22 years ago

And I feel stuck

Watching history repeating

Yeah, who am I?

Just a kid who know he's needy

Let me know that You hear me

Let me know Your touch

Let me know that You love me

And let that be enough...

Gabe strummed the last chord, before opening his eyes. The bar broke out in an ear splitting scream and clapping as the fans were jumping up and down, yet Grace and Catherine remained seated. They were both thoroughly amazed at the beautiful song and the silence between them was understood. Grace had noticed the pain that clearly shone in his eyes and the sad mournful smile on his face.

"He always thinks he's alone."

Grace broke out of her thoughts and turned towards Catherine. "He?"

Catherine smiled sadly, before responding, "Gabe."

Grace nodded her head in understatement as she smiled and thought," Just like me, Just like me. We're one of a kind Gabe, You and I. Always alone." A moment later, she commented, "Everyone else in this bar loves Front Lines' music, yet I doubt they see the genius of the lyrics."

Catherine opened her mouth to respond, yet another voice interrupted her.

"Grace! I got all these free drinks from that bartender over there. He was such a doll but I think he's a bit in love with me."

Grace turned around and found a slightly tipsy Pam standing in front of her. Pam pointed towards a dark-haired bartender whose eyes were rested solely on Pam. Grace tried to smile, yet she wondered again how she ever became friends with someone like Pam. Before, she always despised the kind of person Pam was.

'I only hate the person Pam is because she's everything I'm not. Wild, carefree, sexy, ambitious.' Grace thought, her happy going spirit fastly going downhill.

"Grace, you want to go backstage and meet with the guys now?" Catherine said, clearly wanting to interrupt Pam's drunken harangue.

Pam's eyes light up as she laughed loudly, shouting out, "Backstage!"

Catherine raised her eyebrows at Pam.

"No offense, but I was talking to Grace here. I didn't exactly invite you." She said coolly, her voice frozen with ice.

Grace sighed, seeing already that the two characters would become fast enemies and personalities would clash.

"Catherine, I hope you don't mind but I came with Grace, so could she perhaps come backstage with us?"

In reality, Grace wanted Pam backstage as much as Catherine wanted her backstage. Catherine stared at Grace for a while, before she sadly shook her head and sighed.

"Okay. Just make sure she doesn't throw up everywhere."

Beside her, Pam was giddy with thought of meeting Gabe.

'He'll be mine and no one can stop me.' She thought. 'I'm beautiful and sexy anyways. Why wouldn't he want me?'

Catherine showed her backstage pass to the security guard before going backstage. Seeming as though she knew where she was going, she arrived at a door marked Front Lines and entourage only. Opening the door, she stepped inside to only be greeted by the bass guitarist and the drummer.

"Where's Gabe and Brad?"

Kal, the bass guitarist, pouted as he said, "What? No 'Hey there sexy. I missed you!' Instead, you ask about your brother and Brad."

The drummer, whose name was Trum, punched Kal's arm.

"Don't let Gabe hear you talk like that to Catherine you idiot!"

Both of their eyes slowly drifted towards Pam, who had pushed Catherine out of the way to get into the room and was now staring awestruck at the room. Though the 10th club was posh, their backstage area was even more stylish. The walls were painted in a deep red while the sofa in which the guys were sitting on were made of a deep burgundy leather which seemed to match perfectly with the walls.

Both Trum and Kal were clearly was checking out Pam, before Pam let out an ear splitting giggle. Trum's face contorted in disgust as she stumbled around the room, touching the sofa with wide eyes.

"This room is way too awesome!" Pam screamed before tripping over a table and falling down on the floor in hysterics.

'Okay so maybe she's a bit more than just tipsy. She's flat out drunk.' Grace cogitated as she heard Pam stumble some more in drunken hysterics. She appeared behind Catherine and walked into the room while Thrum's and Kal's eyes focused on her the moment she walked into the room. Growing up in a lower middle class family, she wasn't use to the stylish fashion that New York's best was accustomed too. Eyes wide in wonder, she drunk in the guitars lining the walls with famous signatures on them, including U2's Bono. Because of this, her eyes never crossed the path of the new wonderstruck guys as they gazed at the exquisite black haired writer.

"So Catherine, babe, sweet cheeks, Who's your friend?" Kal said suggestively, his eyes wide with fire passion and lust.


"Grace here" Catherine said, nodding her head towards Grace, "Is a writer for the New York Post. She came here with her slutty, drunken friend over there to check out you guys. No hitting on her Kal!"

"Oh?" Trum inquired as Kal pouted slightly before he switched his attention towards Pam.

Catherine sighed loudly, quite exasperated at the ignorant band mates. "She's here to review you guys you idiots!"

"OH!" Trum's eyes were wide as saucers as he casually broke out into a wide grin.

"Grace babe, I think you're my new best friend." Trum said as he sent a wink towards her.

Grace, snapping out of her wonderstruck trance, blushed as she muttered, "It's not a big deal. If you excuse me, I'm going to go to the restroom."

Walking quickly out of the room, she turned right before realizing she had no idea where she was going.

"I'm always doing stupid things like this. Now I'm completely lost." She muttered to herself before she heard beautiful music coming from a room to her left. As she came closer she quickly realized it was the piano being played, her breathe stuck in her throat as she listened to the notes clearly crescendo- ing to a climax in the piece. Slowly approaching the door, Grace's eyes met a broad back wearing a black t-shirt which was well defined with muscles and messy brown hair and stepped into the room where a huge white grand piano was stationed in the center of the room.

The man playing, as if sensing she was in the room, turned while Grace was met with electric green eyes that stared into her soul as Grace felt her heart race against her chest, as if against time as she realized who it was.

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