Dance of The Dead Chapter III

Summery: Morgan is introduced in this chapter. He is Christian's boss and mainly his only friend. He reminds me very much of Count D from PetShop of Horrors which was not my intent in the beginning. He's a little weird and might seem like he's on drugs or something but I think you'll like him anyway.


Christian stepped on the gas of his car and peeled out of the schools parking-lot as quickly as he could, desperately trying to get the image out of his head of the events from earlier that day. The fucking school counselor had hit on him! And it was all because of that damn snake, He glared at the snake on the passenger seat beside him as it coiled and hissed at him innocently.

Gripping the steering wheel he barley restrained himself from grabbing the snake and throwing him out of the fucking window. Sighing, Christian continued to drive down the crowded streets of new Orleans, going to his place of work since he had no other place to run off to. He worked in a magic/voodoo shop for a man by the name of Morgan Kharyon. Morgan was somewhat of a voodoo priest, more like a voodoo practicer but he had been called a voodoo priest many times before. He was Christian's one and only friend, the only person whom he liked enough and understood him enough to be considered his friend. He was the only one besides himself that knew that he was a necromancer and was fine with it.

He pulled into the shops small parking-lot and parked in the back on the building before getting out of his car and glaring reluctantly at Casey before picking him up and taking him with him. Christian pressed the button that automatically locked his car and walked around to the front of the building, entering threw under the glowing neon sign that blinked the words "The Dance of the Dead." A fitting name for a shop that sold the mysteries of life and death.

Morgan looked up as the shopbell rang and gave Christian a smile at seeing him there. "Skipping school today?" Christian scoffed and walked over to the register, setting Casey down on the counter who then flicked its tongue and inspected the new surface it was on. The shopkeeper raised and eyebrow at that and gave him a bemused smile. "Find a new friend there, Christian?" "Hardly a friend. He was my Health classes pet snake, until he died that is." "Ah, so he is one of those." He crouched down and poked at the dead snake and gave it a distasteful look as a piece of it's skin fell off, decomposed. "Well thats lovely. What are you doing here anyway?" Christian sat on the counter next to Casey and ran a hand threw his long black bangs, as the rest was tied into a pony tail that reached a few inches past his shoulders. "I punched out my school counselor." Morgan laughed and almost fell off the stool he was sitting on in mirth. Christian glares at him. "What?! It wasn't funny! He tried to molest me! I swear he did!" Morgan snickered again and tried to contain his laughter and failed miserably at it, falling off the stool and rolling on the floor with laughter.

Christian glared at him over the edge of the counter which only caused Morgan to laugh harder. He growled at him and then proceeded to pick up Casey and chuck it at him. The shopkeeper hacked and choked before climbing up the counter and slamming the snake back down upon it. "Now that was disgusting." He coffed again and sat back down on the stool the stuck out his tongue at Christian's snickering. "Heh, why were you even in the counselors office in the first place? You kill someone and bring them back?" "No. The god damn snake crawled into my pants during Spanish class. Freaked me out at the time. "Morgan snickered again and acquired yet another glare of one Christian Morningstar before a strange sound caught his attention coming from under the desk.

They froze and stared at eachother as the strange sound continued before Morgan cautiously looked under the hardwood pine and cursed loudly. "What is it?" Christian peered over and tried to see what he was hiding as Morgan slowly brought it up and onto the table, setting it down with a clunk. "Awh, fuck." He cursed as he saw what had been making the noise and buried his head in his hands as the small stuffed hummingbird flew around near by, unknowing of its death. "Sorry Christian. I was planning on moving it to the back before you got here." Morgan chuckled and ruffled the bird feathers as it perched and landed on its plastic wooden stand, lightly pecking at his hand. "Dont worry about it, I'll take care of him." Christian sighed and shook his head. "Just don't let me walk into your secret room of dead animals anytime soon." The shopkeeper smirked at him and innocently commented "Whoever said they were animals?" Christian smirked at him. "I wouldn't doubt it."

Soon after a customer walked in and Christian was forced to hop off the table and pick up his dead snake. "Why dont you go into the back and get to work since your here." He gave him the finger but complied and went into the back storage room to change into his 'work cloths.' Didn't want to get any voodoo magic on your normal cloths, now did you?

Christian quickly changed into the black pants and black T-shirt that his semi-insane boss considered to be work cloths. He had met Morgan a few years ago when he first came to New Orleans and considered him to be the closest thing to family he had ever had. His voodoo shop sold a variety of things, from feathers and spices to the more extravagant things like bones, sacrificial knives, and the like. The sacrificial knives were a particular favorite of his, he liked anything that drew blood with ease. He smirked at the thought and went to work categorizing the new shipments that came in every Tuesday and Friday.

After about 20 minutes Christian got done with the supplies, grabbed Casey, and walked back out of the storage room and into the main part of the store, moving threw and around the stands and aisles up to the front counter again. He blinked and looked around for Morgan and semi-spotted his white/light blue hair over one of the aisles before walking over there and then stopping and staring in shock. "What the hell are you doing?" Morgan was standing on his tip-toes following the hummingbird as it flew around the room. "I'm a hummingbird! Weeeeeeeeeeee!" He held up his hands and wiggled his fingers as he said this, causing Christian to label him insane. "Riiiiiiight, sure you are. Freak." Morgan pouted at him and stopped his hummingbird routine, then tried to salvage his pride. "Well, it seems as though someone here doesn't know how to have any fun." He held out his hand and the green/golden humming bird landed on it and started preening its molted feathers. "His name is Scales!"

Christian gave him a look "Scales?" "Yes, Scales!" He beamed happily and started playing with his little pet again. "why Scales?" "Why not?" He sighed and wondered to himself why he was bothering to argue with a crazy man.


Morgan reached out and pulled on Christian's hair, offering him one of the sacrificial knives he had just got in this morning as he turned around and glared at him. "A present for having such a hard day, and for giving me my little friend." He smirked at him and took the knife, admiring the intricate design of two dragons, one black and on gold coiling around the handle and breathing flames of black fire onto the steel blade. "Very nice." He smiled and put a hand on his shoulder. "Goodluck with the fosters." "Heh, I'll probably need it. See you tomorrow." Christian walked out on the shop and got back into his car, license plate FORDP.O.S, and drove off for 'home', currently ignoring Casey who ad wrapped himself around his neck. There was something different about the snake, something that he just could not figure out. He should still be decomposing but he seemed to have stopped sometime during his stay at the voodoo shop. What was it? It could not have been Morgan for he delt more in the living than in the dead. besides, he had learned long ago that only he could control them, those he brought back. they relied on him, obeyed him, and only him.

He sighed and swatted at Casey as he flicked his long tongue into his ear and coiled tighter around his neck. Casey released his hold and went on the begin the inspection of his black shirt, a seemingly normal thing for a snake to do. He paused at that, the creatures he brought back never acted normal. They were always, well, incredibly stupid, yes, but could not think for themselves or dictate their own actions. They did only as he told them. Christian glanced down at Casey. What had he done different with this one? He thought back over the past two days. Everything seemed normal except for...the bite! Casey had bit him! Was it something in his blood that did this to him, that caused him to act this way? He smirked at his own intellect and contemplated this newfound information.

Did something in his necromancer blood cause the creatures he brought back come back to life? If so, then would he revert back to the state he was in before he had died? Like some kind of vampire? Would he still obey him then? these questions bothered him and he found that he didn't want to lose control over his creatures. They were his, no matter what he thought of them, and he didn't want to let them go. He supposed that this was something one would feel for an unwanted but useful child. Casey was his, he had created him. Created his new life and in return he served him and obeyed him.

Christian was distracted from his thoughts as a pair of flashing lights caught his attention and drew it to the accident he was passing by. He cringed as he heard the corpses beckoning him, pulling him in with their ever silent call and he resisted the urge to speed by. He was glad at least they kept the ambulance on the other side of the road, away from him. The last thing he needed was dead humans following him home. Casey raised his head and flicked his tongue at the accident as it speed off behind them at a distance.

A few minutes later he arrived back at the house and got out of the car with a bang and moved to go inside with his bag in tow. He reached up and grabbed Casey from his neck before shoving him into a different pocket and warning him not to bite him. He opened the door and slammed it behind him as he made a B-line for the stairs up to his room. His foster mother and foster father came out of the livingroom that was on the left side of the door, as the kitchen was on the right, and glared angrily at him. "Just where have you been?! Your school called today! Said you were causing disturbances in classes, skipping half the day, and you punched out a counselor! What do you have to say for yourself?!" "Perverted bastard deserved it." "Thats it! Go to your room!" His foster mother screamed at him and he sneered at her. " Don't worry, thats where I was going."

Christian stormed off up the stairs and slammed the door of his room harder than he had when he and shut the front door. He growled as he locked it and threw his backpack on the floor, noticing that Janice had apparently been in his room to clean. That bitch. He glared at the room around him and reached into his pocket before throwing Casey onto the bed and letting his fist connect with the nearby wall, breaking a small dent into it, cracking the plaster. No one understood him, not that he wanted them to anyway. Human beings were so stupid. Christian suddenly wanted to teach them a lesson, to show them that their stupid thoughts and principles did not exist. That in the long run they meant nothing, for nothing ever changed them. Without evolution they would never grow and never expand and therefore amounted to nothing.

He sighed and threw himself onto his bed, almost crushing Casey in the process and threw an arm over his eyes to block out the small light that came threw the crack in the door frame. Christian hated humans, he despised them and their ignorance. 'I should teach them a lesson' he grinned at the prospects and figured that he was indeed mad enough to teach them that lesson. He laughed evilly and maniacally for no reason and rolled over before burying himself in his pillow and falling asleep.