The lights went out
The cells rang for the last time
Some could answer
Some didn't even have time
She looked, kept looking
At the ceiling that fell
She screamed and screamed
But no one came to help

The ceiling fell
Piercing faces and bodies
The windows glass went
Through the eyes

A tear fell as he saw
That he was going to die
He closed his eyes forever
And never did he open

She had tears
Full of fears
She held hands
And smiled at him
Closed their eyes forever

It was his birthday
They were going home
To give him a surprise
But his entire son could receive
Was a phone call for a funeral!

She wept by the cell
She cried all the way
Just to see him for the last time
Not living but dead!

She took her hair
And pulled them hard
She fell to her knees
And bet her heart
They all died away
Went far away
Death has come once again
To leave people crying in pain

But who has done this?
Was he in sane?
Couldn't he see what we have gained?
Gained nothing but pain!

A/N: I know it's a bit confusing but its about the dead, the survivors and
the mourners