Acute shivers of pain
Running through my veins
Twists of fire in my eyes
And in my mind a dragon reigns

The forgotten kingdom of ice
That I made up so long ago
Has entrapped me in a vice
Snowdrops slivered and sliced

Smiling gypsies in great throngs
Dancing demons plagued my thoughts
Forever, golden, kiss-cut sarongs
Where endless spindles once fought

There are no questions anymore
Just voices; cries; calling me whore
Ponytails of grass rush along the hills
Like endless blood drops falling from sores

Bookkeepers' daydreams invading
Running rivers endlessly plaguing
Counterpanes covered in silk
Along my knuckles droplets of crimson milk

Broken bluebells & butterflies on fire
A dragon's slice-eye protecting with ire
Firefly; fire-kiss clinging to my lips
Goddess whispers in my ears; not a word

Just broken pips; seedlings falling
Rooks are calling: leave me!
I'm not really here anymore
Watching you cry; watch your plant-lings

Dying; I'm not wrong, I swear
I saw your blood; sewer maggots
Squelching along my eyelids
Silver dragon hiding in its lair

Silver slivers along my veins
No, I don't really feel any pain