The Odyssey,

by Master Elf


It had been some time since they had broken the wall in the Trojan War and it had been some time since they had been many. But now, Ulysses and his few remaining soldiers travelled toward to their goal: home.

They had endured much battle in the previous adventure of theirs, fighting the Trojans and breaking their prized chastice of the gates, in pursual of Helen. Now they travelled warily, marching on and on, facing petty threat after petty threat, relentlessly fighting onward and upward, losing more and more men as they went.

Though the dwindling number of his ranks was a bit concerning for Ulysses, he merely shrugged it off as it was to be expected in the type of journey they were embarking on, and to be disheartened by the loss of few after previously braving the loss of many would be futile. So they travelled on.

It took a great deal of time for Ulysses to travel, losing all of his men but himself, and it was this, he believed, that allowed him to finally reach his destination, his home, the beautiful world of life.

His faithful mother took him as a blessing, a precious little baby, and wondered how many other little adventurers had gone through all that her son had, happy to hold him in her arms at last after nine excrutiatingly long months that seemed to her like twenty years. But she rejoiced nonetheless, as did her new baby boy, for they were together after a lengthy adventure and neither would have it any other way.